A Short Guide to Beaver Creek Fly Fishing

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Beaver Creek fly fishing was started through the partnership between the landowners and the Massanutten Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Beaver Creek is a popular fishing spot because of the abundance of fish in the area all year round. Water flow is consistent in the creek and temperature falls between 50 to 63 degrees range. You can expect to catch fish there even if there is ice on the ground or even if it is scorching hot. If you want to know more about this place then this is your chance. And if you're planning to take a trip to Beaver Creek, then reading this short guide will be useful to you. 

Favorable conditions all year round

The favorable conditions in Beaver Creek make it ideal for fish to reproduce. You can find wild brook, trout, and even larger fish as big as 15 inches in the creek. Apart from wild fish, rainbows are also abundant in the area and can be found throughout the year. The size of rainbow trouts you can find ranges from 14 to 20 inches. The creek is also known for large insect hatches. You can find there blue wing olives, sulphurs, and tricos. Blue wing olives and sulphurs hatch during the summer months, starting in April. Tricos, on the other hand, hatch from June to November.

Summer is the best time to go

But if you want to get the best experience in dry fly fishing, then the best time to fish in Beaver Creek is during summer. When the weather is warm, the nearby pastures and meadows tend to fill with different types of insects such as crickets, hoppers, ants, and Japanese beetles. Streamer fishermen and nymphs can reproduce any time during the year. You can find them in the deep holes and different riffles in the area. Indeed, Beaver Creek fly fishing during the summer is one of the things that avid anglers must experience. For sure it will be a satisfying and productive trip. 

How to get a Beaver Creek fly fishing permit

You can fish beyond 2 miles from the creek and the area is open to anglers every day of the week except Sundays. You can get the permits at the 257 Grocery Store. You need to know that permits are given on a first come, first served basis. So you need to come early if you want to make sure that you'll have a spot. Only four anglers are allowed each day. Beaver Creek is a catch and release only water. You can not reserve a permit and you also cannot book for future dates. 

You need to pay a fee of $10.00 to get a permit. But all of the proceeds from the sale of permits go directly to the maintenance of Beaver Creek. It's actually a very small price to pay for the wonderful fishing experience that the place provides. You definitely won't regret going to Beaver Creek. It's a great place to fish even for beginners.

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