Your Good Choice: Gore Creek Fly Fishing

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Gore Creek fly fishing is a popular activity which fits all seasons. Anglers can not only appreciate the beautiful scenery but also enjoy excitement and delight from fly fishing for trouts. Also, visitors who want to have a try to fly fish can receive professional guides of fishing trips from the local organization, even throughout the winter. Let's have a look about fly fishing in Gore Creek.

√ Gore Creek
As a tributary of the Eagle River, Gore Creek, about 18.5 miles long, lies in Eagle County in the central Colorado of the United States. Orginating from the Gore Lake and joining the Eagle River at Dowd Junction, Gore Creek is a freestone brook with beautiful fishing venues which provide excellent fly-fishing experience for the anglers. Places from the golf course in East Vail down to the Gold Medal stretch in West Vail are the best choices. Meanwhile, fishermen can catch the fish alongside the whole river up to the Gore Lake.

√ Fly-fishing on Gore Creek
Here the anglers have access to large fish and all four trout species in Colorado like cutthroat, brown trout, brookies and rainbows. As for when to fly fish on Gore Creek, the four seasons will give you the answers.

In Spring, especially in April, Gore Creek free of ice is an magnificent fly-fishing spot where fishermen can find the spawning rainbows. Flies like the Blue Winged Olive, hare's ears and prince nymphs are recommended with a small strike indicator which will minimize the splash and thus prevent the fish to be frightened. If these flies are not so effective as you have imaged, try some black or natural colored sculpin streamers to attract and fly fish the aggressive trouts.
In Summer, the snow of the Upper Colorado River Basin gradually disappears and leads to the rising water-level of the river. When the fall comes, fry of trouts become more strong. In winter, dry light snow covers Vail Mountain and provides a wonderful view for fly fishermen.

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