5 Foot Fly Fishing Rod to Fly Fish

August 21, 2019 Fishing Guides Views: 3329

5 foot fly fishing rod is a neat rod with multiple uses on small creeks and streams in many angler's opinions. Some anglers waste a lot of time in selecting a fly fishing rod. However, that is a very simple and direct process. Just consider which kind of fish to catch, where to catch them and what unexpected situations will possibly happen. A 5 foot fly fishing rod can bring a lot of joy for anglers fly fishing in a relatively narrow spakce. 

√ How to choose a fly rod

Fly rods can be divided according to length. Normally, 8 foot and longer ones are used in small and middle-sized rivers. 7 foot fly rod, used frequently by anglers, is suitable for rivers with smaller area. So this 5 foot fly fishing rod really astonishes many anglers for it is such a rod with ultralight. 

√ 5 foot fly fishing rod

Some anglers who try this 5 foot fly fishing rod appreciate its lightweight and convenience. At the same time, anglers who like to fly fish in wide waters think that using such a rod to fly fish just restrain them rather than make them enjoy the activity as much as they want. And in their opinion, this 5 foot fly fishing rod is not challenging. 

However, this kind of fly rod can help anglers roll cast well while because of its light weight, fly fishing with this needs more skills. The anglers with this rod should pay more attention to the wind in their fishing spots. With proper strength to cast the line, anglers can achieve a good and natural landing on the water so as not to affect the fish under the water. 5 foot fly fishing rod seems to be more challenging for its lightness and the narrow space it fits.

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