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Cortland fly fishing rod is familiar among anglers who are keen on fly fishing at various destinations. There are different varieties of rods with a variety of sizes and models available at various retail stores of the fishing company. The anglers are flexible enough choosing any type of fishing rod they need from the shop depending upon their needs. The price range of the rods of Cortland differs from rod to rod. The important designing and manufacturing of different fishing rods make the customer depend a lot with Cortland company for their use.

Cortland fly fishing rod

Let us some of the important Cortland rods for fly fishing here. Firstly, the Cortland competition rod - European style nymphing rod cost at 250$. The rod has many features like highly sensitive, and modulus, an angler can handle at a 45-degree angle while fishing in the river. The rod has a metal black on its back and the rod has the orange case and cloth rod sack. The handle of the rod is very thin, and it comes four pieces with hooks and fighting butts for the angler who ordered. Both 10.5 to 3 ft rods are available at the store for the users. The handle has ergonomic measures by the company.

Next Cortland fly fishing rod for the fly fishing is the Cortland competition mkii - European style nymphing rod. This rod costs $675.00 USD in the store with even a discount on special occasions. The rod is made up of carbon fiber and it is also done with some resins. The special feature of the rod is that it is made after long years of experience by the staff of the Cortland. The rod is designed perfectly with all ergonomic measurements to cope with the angler’s expectation. It includes an orange case and a sack rod case when comes in. Both 10 and 2 and 3 ft wt. are included in the rod selection.

You will not miss the Cortland rod for the fly fishing task that has features attractive namely the Cortland competition mkii rod. The rod costs $675.00 USD. The various features of the rod are premium grade cork in the handle, relaxable fighting butt, single foot guides and it is available in various sizes like 10 wt, 3 wt, 4 wt, 2 wt for the anglers. The rod comes with sock rod cloth and optic range rod for the anglers. This rod is specifically used for the anglers who travel a lot in the river. The fighting butt is for extra control of the rod by the anglers. Cortland aims at rod manufacturing for higher performance

Another rod manufactured by the Cortland company for the fly fishing task is Cortland Competition Nymph Rod 10.5-foot 4 weight 4 pieces. The main feature of the rod is highly suitable in various rivers destinations and nymphing. The sensitivity of the rod has a thin supple feature. The rod color is green for the anglers who mostly love it. This product is exclusively useful for the nymph rods size 9-11”. The anglers who have used the rod have left reviews about it as fast action one. The total weight of the rod is 3.3 ounces and hence easily handled by the anglers in the river

Next comes the Cortland 607637 Fair Play Fly Outfit. This rod comes in four pieces and has a length of 8 ft. The rod is manufactured in china. The rod yields good power and easy to handle by the angles in the river. The overall weight of the rod is 1.25 ounces and the dimensions of the rod are 28 x 4.2 x 3 inches. Next is the rod of Cortland for fly fishing Cortland Diamondback Swinger Switch Rod. This rod is 7 ft in height and costs about 375$. The total height of the rod is 11 ft in height. The cost of the 35$

Another Cortland rod for fly fishing comes the Cortland flyrod 5/6WT 3 PC 8' new in case ready to use. This rod as the name indicates very easy tom use and hence the angler buys the rod at the major retails stores of the fishing company. The rod length is 8 ft and the power of the rod is 5/6 wt.

Currently, Maxcatch has a fly fishing rod of the same quality as Cortland's -
ADVANCE Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod, Its features are:

Maxcatch designed X-Construction with has up to 30% increase.

In compressive strength over traditional carbon fiber.

10 years warranty for any quality problem.

Carbon: High Grade 30T+40T Carbon Fiber.

Option: 9FT 5/6/8WT 4Sec.

Handle: Fabricated with a special blend of cork powder and flexible resins.

Reel Seat: Carbon Fiber Reel Seat.

Guides: Easily Visible alignment dots/Hard Chrome an anti-corrosion snake guides/Ceramic insert stripping guide.

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