How to Choose the Best Fly Tying Vise?

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How to Choose the Best Fly Tying Vise?

With so many choices on the market, how to choose the best fly tying vise becomes an increasingly difficult task for anglers. In this article, we will list some essential keys to help you choose a fly tying vise that suits you best. Before reading this article, you should know that the main purpose of a suitable fly tying vise is to hold a hook conveniently and securely.


The primary factor that we should take into consideration for purchasing a suitable one is the budget, because the price of vises ranges from under $50 to a huge $600. But don't worry. You have no need to buy the best fly tying vise with a whopping price for the reason that a satisfying tool can be purchased within each price range.

The Kind of Flies

In addition, when you choose fly tying vises, you should carefully consider what kind of flies you will use because different flies with the same tying vises lead to different results accordingly. For example, if you ties fly on small hooks, it will be vital for working access to the hook.


Besides, rotation, the main difference between varieties of vises, must be heeded during the purchasing process. Some vises, mainly referred to as rotary, can be rotated easily to access to the fly, while others have a fixed head. So choosing the most suitable fly tying vise needs your careful consideration.

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