Best Flies for Midge Fly Fishing

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Best Flies for Midge Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a popular outdoor sports,the famous fly fishing skill is Midge fly fishing.
What is midge?
It’s a kind of flies,belongs to Ceratopogonidae,we tie flies to imitate midge on the water.
Which kinds of Midge flies is the best?
Our flies are tied in Kenya,handmade for all the flies.Click to check the link:
This is the best seller flies include Midge flies,we provide a double side waterproof fly fishing box to contain all the flies.

Click to check the link:
Our manufacture is runned under canadian company with canadian supervision and we only use high quality materials on dry fly, all hackles comme from whiting farm bio modified roosters which have feathers that float more.All of our flies are tied on premium Korean hooks (Orientsun Hooks)Every feather hand-picked, every hackle hand-selected and every fly handmade. Quality is at the heart of everything we do for the brand of Maxcatch. Each and every fly is lovingly tied by one of our highly skilled artisans before completing a rigorous three phase quality control process.
If you love midge fly fishing games, please provide us your photos,we really want to get more adventure from our anglers.

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