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Damsel fly fishing aims at creating angler’s community by developing basic fly fishing gear, trips, and lessons to the interested customers. The sisters in Belgrade started this fishing company for the welfare of the anglers in the country. Functional accessories are developed by these sisters for the fish catching customers who approach them. The damsel sisters developed accessories for women anglers for the first time. This fly-fishing company involved in casting skills for women with all discovery methods are fine for women anglers. 

The mission and vision of damsel fly fishing are unique and majorly formed for women anglers who involve in muddy fishing. The sisters of damsel fly fishing strength and will power proved enough for women customers for fly fishing. The experience of the sisters made them do things for starting damsel fly fishing firm for the women folks. The well-versed private learning lesson is good enough for customers. 

Damsel women’s 2-day schools for fly fishing

The fly-fishing school of damsel is offered better to the beginners and experienced women anglers for about two days. The sweet water’s school fly fishing tools are provided by damsel school by tools and required knowledge. The basic fly-fishing basics like knots, casting, and insect’s terminology is taught to the customers by the trained instructors during class sessions. During these two days of classes, the fishing task is done by the customers by training in the river of a local destination. The package for two days includes 780$ by providing fly rods, lunch, guided fishing and classroom materials. 

The two days classes package, however, does not include lodging and license. A clear-cut agenda is previously scheduled for these two days classes to start at 8.30 am arriving and end with guided fishing for day 1 including knots, casting, reading the water, lunch, entomology, and fishing preparation. The second-day agenda starts at 8.30 am by checking in with customers and end with graduation saying goodbye including travel on the water and other fishing activities. The September month classes to October month classes of fly fishing.

Reservation is allowed for the prospective women anglers who love the fishing school of Damsel. 50% deposit is required by the management for the classes and the same is collected from the customers who do a reservation. The customers who have attended the classes have given top-rated feedback about their experience in the fly fishing classes and learning.

damsel fly fishing shop for customers

The shop for fly fishing of Damsel has all fishing gear for the interested customers. The shop has accessories, apparel, hats, luxury travel line, and snoods. The customers have the flexibility of choosing the fishing products through price. The price ranges from 17$ to 575$ for different fishing products like Beanie 9$, Beer bottle 39$, charcoal hoodie dress 75$, classic damsel trucker hat28$, damsel cutthroat sticker 2$, damsel shirt 19$, trucker hat 28$, travel tote 574$, snood39$, fleece headband 9$, fly fishing rod case , leather braided bracelet, leather fishtail earrings and snoods.

Asides fishing classes and learning to customers in two days school, team building workshop is organized for the women anglers who want to learn the skills of fly fishing at various river destinations, The cost of the workshop for an angler is 85$ which includes four hours of fly learning instruction, all basic gear, education packet, maximum to ten people are included. The team-building workshop of fly fishing school of damsel starts at 12.15 pm with an introduction and ends with 4 pm for reviews. The mother activities include knots, rod setup, bugs, and casting techniques.

The other fishing products assailable in the shop belong to women-oriented apparel, clothing, rods that are soft to handle, reel, hats, dress materials, snoods. These materials are available at various rates, different sizes, and models for the customers who love fly fishing mostly. There are many stockiest for these shop products available to the fly-fishing customers of local rivers and major lakes. The wholesale feature for your requirement keeping shop products at the place of the customer can contact the management for the orders. The needed customers can contact the shop owner through e aly[email protected] for wholesale procurement.

The interested women customers can contact the fly-fishing school of damsel at Belgrade, MT 59714 and the customer service people are toucherd at 406-274-1997.

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