Why You Should Consider Fly Fishing Rod Holders for Cars?

November 08, 2021 Fishing Guides Views: 1444

There are several reasons why you should spend money on the best fly fishing rod holders for cars. They provide additional storage for fish and fish-related gear, allow you to fish safely while driving, and let other fishermen appreciate your cool vehicle. 

Fly fishing rod holders for cars are small, inexpensive devices that attach to any surface in your vehicle and provide an easy storage point for each rod. The benefits are numerous:

1) Become instantly aware of which fly rods are where 

When you put something down, do you always remember where it is? By attaching a durable holder next to each window or door, you can easily tell where your rod is, and it's also easier to remember if you unhooked the line from that rod before exiting the vehicle.

2) Properly organize your gear 

Unlike a tackle box which holds multiple rods in slots, these fly fishing rod holders for cars hold a single fly fishing rod securely in a position where it is easy to grab quickly without tangling lines with other rods or getting caught on anything. This allows each piece of equipment to be arranged for the most effective access while preventing any damage during travel.

3) Conserve space by keeping all components together 

Most people only have room in their cars for one or two fly fishing rods, but nearly everyone has an extra windshield suction cup mount lying around somewhere. Why not store your rods with them when you're not using them?

4) Hold moving components in place 

Fish tend to move around a lot during the fight, and any movement of your rod or line can result in lost equipment. These holders keep all parts stationary until the moment of release, ensuring that you don't have to replace a broken fly line or spend time picking up a fallen hook.

5) Avoid damaging surfaces by hanging everything 

Some areas inside a vehicle aren't meant for repeated rubbing against anything sharp, yet they are perfect storage places for fly fishing gear. If not properly protected from these objects, rods can get hung up on door handles, seats, and many other areas. Holding each by its handle won't matter how hard the vehicle hits a pothole or speed bump, and each piece will come through undamaged.

6) Keep yourself safe by avoiding distraction

If you're looking for your fly fishing rod, you are at least one hand away from steering safely. If you have rods securely mounted in fly fishing rod holders for cars next to your windows, this won't be a problem, but anything lying loose on the floor of your car can potentially become a major issue while you drive.

7) Control color and size with flexibility 

Rods come in many different shapes and sizes, yet there is no standard model for the grip style on the handle. Some brands use foam padding leading up to a fixed cork handle, while others feature a rubberized exterior with no variation in diameter. These flexible fly fishing rod holders for cars can be customized to hold any combination of rods and still fit in your vehicle, so you don't have to settle for a "one size fits all" model.


Fly fishing rod holders are small devices that can be easily installed in any car to provide many benefits, including keeping gear organized, minimizing the risk of damage during transit, and keeping you safe while driving. They are inexpensive and readily available for purchase online or at your local fly shop.

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