Why You Should Book A Fly Fishing Mexico Trip to The Yucatan Peninsula

March 12, 2021 Fishing Guides Views: 2257

If you're planning to go on a fly fishing Mexico trip, then you need to consider going to the Yucatan Peninsula. Here are the reasons why. 

1. It offers plenty of opportunities 

One of the best reasons to go on a fly fishing Mexico trip in the Yucatan Peninsula is because there is plenty of fish there. The species present in the Yucatan Peninsula include bonefish, permit, snook. And they are usually in large numbers, especially during late summer. When it comes to snook fishing, it usually reaches its peak during the fall and early winter. If you are there during the summer months, you'll also be able to encounter a large number of migratory tarpons. Now you know why the Yucatan Peninsula is popular among anglers all over the world. 

2. It won't cost you much 

Maybe you're thinking that you need to spend a lot of money to go on a fly fishing trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. That's not true. The Yucatan is not only accessible to most major cities in the U.S.. a trip there won't break the bank too. For sure, you won't have a hard time finding a cheap flight going to Cancun. And if you're planning to go in the late summer or early fall, then you may even need to spend less. Accommodation in the Yucatan Peninsula is affordable too. 

3. It has the best fishing lodges 

Because the Yucatan Peninsula is a popular travel destination for anglers, it naturally has some of the best fishing lodges in the world. Some of the fishing lodges you need to check out our Pesca Maya, Costa de Cocos, and Grand Slam Lodge. All of these lodges offer comfortable rooms, excellent dining options, and everything you need to have a good time fishing in the Yucatan Peninsula. Moreover, these lodges offer deals and promos all-year-round so you can save more money on your trip. 

4. Anytime is a great time 

You can go to the Yucatan Penisula at any time of the year. Anytime is a great time to visit the place because it has consistent temperatures all throughout the year. This is because the Yucatan Penisula has a tropical environment. The weather doesn't get too hot or too cold. Unlike in other fishing destinations where the temperature can reach up to 100 degrees during the summer months. And during the fall and winter months, it doesn't get too cold either. Comfortable whether all-year-round is something to look forward to at the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Diverse species of fish 

In many other fly fishing destinations, you can catch only a few species of fish. But at the Yucatan, fish is not only abundant, but the species are also diverse as well. This is why the place is an ideal destination for both novice and experienced anglers. No matter what your skill or experience level in fly fishing is, for sure you'll have a good time at the Yucatan Peninsula. So anyone planning for a fly fishing Mexico trip should really go to this place.

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