Where to Buy Quality Fly Fishing Equipment Canada

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Looking for high-quality fly fishing equipment Canada shouldn't be a problem because of the presence of excellent fly fishing stores in the country. Here are some of the best places to get fly fishing gear in Canada.

Chinook Wind Outfitters


This is a 100% Canadian-owned company on a mission to bring the best fly fishing equipment to Candian anglers. They particularly specialize in hard-to-fid brands and items. One of the things you will like about this store is that it offers a flat shipping rate all throughout Canada of only $11.00. 

If you're buying only an item or two that can fit inside an envelope, they'll even lower the shipping fee to only $2.00. And if you don't see what you're looking for in their store, you can send them an email and they'll find the item for you. Now that's excellent customer service.



Established in 2010, Flymart aims to promote the sport of fly fishing to the people on the North Shore of Lake Huron and beyond. Before they feature a product in their store, they test it out first to make sure that it is of excellent quality. 

The store carries some of the latest and most-advanced fly fishing equipment Canada. The store only employs individuals who have knowledge and experience in fly fishing. These in-house experts are always available if you have questions regarding gear or fly fishing in general.

The First Cast


This store has an excellent location. It is located in Guelph, Ontario, which is just an hour away from Toronto and Niagara Falls and just 20 minutes away from some of the best rivers in Canada. It has a very large selection of fly fishing gear. And no matter what species of fish you're trying to catch, for sure it has equipment for it. 

Apart from selling accessories and equipment, The First Cast also offers fly fishing lessons and guided tours. The shop is able to do this because of its proximity to great rivers.



Maxcatch is not located in Canada. But it ships internationally. So if you're from Canada, you're more than welcome to shop at this store. The advantage of Maxcatch over other online stores is that it's not merely a distributor. The company actually designs and manufactures its own fly fishing accessories and equipment. This is the reason why it's able to offer products at very competitive prices. It offers a wide range of products. It even offers fly fishing apparel. 

For Maxcatch, there's nothing more important than making customers happy. The company goes out of its way to meet customers' needs.

The Fishin' Hole


This company offers some of the best fly fishing equipment Canada. It focuses specifically on sportfishing tackle and related gear. Because of this narrow focus, the company is able to provide the latest products to its customers. 

The Fishin' Hole is also one of the more established fly fishing stores in Canada. It has been around since 1975. To date, the company has five stores in Canada.

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