What is the Physics Hidden in Fly Fishing?

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What is the Physics Hidden in Fly Fishing?

When we talk about physics of fly fishing, most of us don’t think it is necessary in fly fishing. But in fact, it attaches importance to using physics of fly fishing. You will be the specialist among others who are addicted to this sport after applying physical principles to fly fishing skillfully. And believe me, I am confident that you will get a lot in this article. Only in this way can you get the essence of fly fishing.

There are all kinds of fishing people falling in love with them. Among them, Fly fishing is absolutely the most labor intensive in every casting. Beyond the cognition of people who are not familiar with fly fishing, it’s not just a spot including rod, line, reel and others, but also contains physical knowledge.

Regular fisherman casts out by using a reel in a fluid motion, sending them to the place in their will. But in fly fishing, flies or baits are too small to be threw to anywhere they want unless you swing the fly line in the air. How does it works? Well, it is what we called fly fishing physics.

So how can we use mechanics knowledge to get it work in fly fishing? Any fisherman casts a fly relying on lifting the rod tip up behind them to keep the tension of the fly line. Then they move their wrist forward quickly. This motion provides all of the momentum needed in rocketing the line forward. That is the secret what it works in fly fishing.

Principle of leverage which is another magic deeply affects fly fishing. In this principle, it is beneficial to create a large number of torque to swing the line forward, helping the momentum transfer to the rod tip through the rod.

At the same time, according to Momentum conservation law, the fly line gets an incredible speeds after series of movement is completed. As momentum is transferred along the angler’s arm to the fly rod and then to the line, the velocity has been increasing with the mass decreasing.

So, while I can explain the physics hidden in fly fishing per cast, I sill have no idea why my flies snagged in the grove every time when I got the chance to cast toward a fish. Of course, it exactly aroused my curiosity and one day I will find it out definitely.

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