What is the Best Fly Fishing Setup for Beginners?

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What is the best fly fishing setup for beginners? That may be a question every fly fishing starter will ask. Fly fishing, as one of the most interesting, exciting, and amazing outdoor sports in the world, has been pursued by more and more people. A proper fly fishing gear items will help beginners do more with less. 

Rome was not built in a day, and fly fishing is not a sport you can grasp by one day. As a new fly fisher, you may feel overwhelmed at the beginning, as it needs sufficient knowledge and basic skills to implement a battery of actions. At the same time, a set of satisfying setup also plays an important role in this. Then it comes to the question: what is the best fly fishing setup for beginners. 

Generally speaking, a fly fishing setup consists of a fly rod, a fly reel, fly fishing lines,  and flies. You can’t complete a successful cast without any of them. As an old saying goes that good preparation saves work time. A good fly fishing setup helps beginners enjoy themselves during fishing.

1. Fly fishing rod

A fly fishing rod is the most basic item during fishing. They are classified by “weight”. Moreover, there’re various lengths. For most situations, a 9-foot and 5-weight fly rod is suitable for fly fishing beginners. Of course, there’re different lengths and weights.  A 5-weight or 6-weight rod will be chosen for fishing trout. And for small creeks, a 7.5-foot, 3-weight fly rod will be appreciated. 

There’re several types of fly rods. The most commonly used are single-handed rods, Spey rods, and switch rods. For single-handed rods, just as the name implies, the fisher can cast the rod with one hand. For Spey rods, they are frequently used with heavier lines for hug fish. Switch rods are shorter than Spey rods and they are handled with special rigs.

2. Fly fishing reel

Just as the fly fishing rod, the fly fishing reel is also an indispensable component of the fly fishing gear for beginners. There’re plastic reels and metal reels. The former is prevailing in price while the quality is poor. Over a long time, the latter is recommended for use. Moreover, the rod and the reel need to match each other with the length and weight. You can purchase them together for saving time. 

3. Fly fishing line

This is not simply a line. The fly fishing line includes a fly backing, fly line, a leader, and a tippet. The fly line backing is a colorful, thin, and burly line filled up to the arbor of the fly reel. The fish taking your fly will be dragged out of the water by this. 

There’re 4 kinds of common lines used by fishers. The floating line, just as the name implies, they float on the water. The sink tip line is the combination of a full sink line and a floating. It’s commonly used in deeper water. The full sink line is suitable for deep water moving fastly. The saltwater fly line is usually made thicker than usual in the case of wind. 

The leader is a kind of transparent material that is a connection to the end of the fly fishing line. The weight and thickness become smaller gradually.  They are used to avoid slapping from heavier flies. The common lengths are about 9-10 feet. 

The tippet is a line that is thin and lightweight. It connects the end of the leader and the fly. It’s almost invisible in the water and it’s hard for the fish to find them. Different tippet sizes match the different fish sizes. As a fly fishing beginner, try to clarify the difference and use the right size. 

4. Flies for fly fishing

There are wide varieties of flies for fly fishing. The most common ones are as the following: dry fly, wet fly, streamer, nymph, and emerger. If you are a beginner, it must be very difficult for you to do the selection. For this situation, a local fishing tackle shop would be a piece of nice choice. 

To choose the best fly fishing setup for beginners, all the above items need to be considered. Except for that, professional skills and basic knowledge are also essential for a successful fly fishing cast. Moreover, the selection of the fly fishing location is also important. Based on those, you can find much enjoyment in fly fishing.

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