What Do I Need To Create Fly Fishing Files?

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What Do I Need To Create Fly Fishing Files?

Making artificial fly fishing files is a complementary activity to fly fishing. The manufacturer's goal is to imitate insects and other small creatures that live their life cycle in water or aquatic environments. In addition to an artistic manual skill, a spirit of observation and curiosity about the size, morphology, and colors of the desired fishes will be useful.

Everyone starts at the beginning

Often, the inexperienced person tends to look with some reverential fear or too much admiration at the fly fishing files the professionals use. Don't worry. There is no secret.

Enough practice and exercising your sense of proportion will suffice to obtain results in a short time, which, most likely, will satisfy both your aesthetic taste as well as that of fish.

Sometimes, those who find this activity intriguing give up even before starting because they are unable to choose building materials and tools. So, here is all you need to create fly fishing files on your own.

The Tools

The necessary tools to make your fly fishing files are six:

The clamp is unquestionably the most indispensable accessory. It blocks the hook, on which we are going to assemble hairs and feathers. A spool of thread.Small and precise scissors. You can use those for sewing or personal hygiene. A mattress needle to extract the smallest hairs from the body of the artificial lure during the finishing phase. The tweezers to grasp the feathers that we will wrap along the shank of the hook. The spring knotter is necessary for making the closure knot of our lures. 

There are already pre-packaged fly tying tool kits that cost very little. Click here to see the Maxcatchfishing fly tying tools kit. This fly tying tool kit offers you the accessories you need to craft the body of the fly. You can also find more tools in the appropriate section.

Raw Materials

As mentioned, a wide variety of products is available on the market. From classic natural fibers to increasingly innovative synthetic elements, customers have plenty of options to experiment with to build fly fishing files.

For beginners, the risk is to get lost due to too many available choices. Over time, they will realize that most of their most successful imitations will consist of a few fundamental elements. These are:

The indispensable hooks differ in shape and size. Assembly wires to tie materials to the hook. The most popular feathers are pheasant, partridge, goose tail, and cul de canard. You can purchase then in sachets of different colors. Among the most used colors: hazelnut, olive green, bronze, light, and dark gray. The most used hairs are those coming from hare, llama, and deer. Even the hairs, sold in sachets, have a low price, in line with that of the cul de canard. Among the synthetic materials, you can find skeins of polypropylene, or plastic yarns are the most popular. They are cheap and easy to find.

These large lists should not discourage beginners. The first suggestion is to seek the advice of someone you trust, a builder friend or an experienced and patient shopkeeper, to whose attention you can submit your creations for guidance. Buying a good construction book will also prove to be very useful.

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