What Are the Various Fly Fishing Jig Flies?

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Fly fishing jig flies are used by plenty of anglers across the globe. Why anglers are interested in using jig flies for their operation? The main reason is that the jig flies give sensitivity when compared to other flies on the water. It gives a better advantage over other materials used by anglers. The jig flies give an exemplary presentation for the customers to catch fish species easily. It is focused on the bottom of the river. Even classic nymph does not perform better like jig flies during the fly fishing tasks. These flies do well or perform superbly even at shorter distances. The performance of these flies seems good behind stones. Also, the upward hook enhances the fly fishing task better.

Why many anglers use fly fishing jig flies? 

The anglers use jig flies because the fish species are caught easily as the flies attached to fish easily than other materials. The slender body characteristic feature of the jig file enhances the catching task efficiently. The heavy bead characteristic feature of the jig fly gives support to the anglers in an excellent way. Moreover, the style of jig fly hook is very popular around the world. This technique is followed by many anglers everywhere. These flies are found predominantly in the fly boxes of many anglers. Professional angles never miss using these flies during fly fishing trout fish species. 

Types of fly fishing jig flies 

Woolly Bugger Jig is a popular jig fly being sold in the market for avid anglers. This material is the handmade type and mainly from chenille and hackle. This fly is very efficient for catching bass fish species. Usually, customers use the float and fly technique to catch fish species. 

Sexy Walt's Worms is handmade flies from the USA. These flies have other names like Walts Worm, Sexy Walts, and Barbless Jig Fly. This is available in two color types such as olive and natural hares ear. You can get any type of size of these flies to your satisfaction. 

FlyDaddyCustomFlies are effective for smallmouth bass flies to the anglers. This is otherwise called as bass fly, This fly is especially meant for fishing at the bottom of the river. The cost of the fly is about US$ 4.00.

6 - Tungsten Mop Fly Euro Jig Nymph. The angler can use any type of hook size and color too available at the store. This handmade fly is made of tungsten and a barbless hook. 

Smoked Top Flex Head- UV resin is used to make this fly. The customers can get the customized color of this material on request. The head pointed material is made from the USA.

Marabou Jig is a topnotch jig fly especially meant for catching crappie and trout fish species. The materials used to make the jog fly are chenille, marabou. 

McKenna's Rumble Bug is majorly used by experienced anglers across the globe. It is tied on barbless Hanak hooks.


The above fly fishing jig flies are very supportive and useful to anglers of all levels.

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