Using Fly Fishing Sink Putty

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Using Fly Fishing Sink Putty

What Is Fly Fishing Sink Putty?

Sink putty is usually a tungsten putty that is extremely malleable, easy to use, and efficient when getting a fly deep in the water column. This putty is found in a can that will for sure last you forever! It has a rather dark and grey color that will keep it disguised as maybe a rock or even a piece of dirt, which will keep your prized catch focused on your flight at the end of the line. This fishing putty is also non-toxic, which is a big problem with a lot of the lead weights on the market today. Why Use Sink Putty?

Further casting and deeper diving are both attributes of using sink putty versus an unweighted line. Being part metal, this putty is very durable and will last you many trips out on the water. Not only is this putty amazing for weighting a fly, but it's also great for balancing out hooked bait and making sure that you have the best chance of catching the eye of a hungry fish. The ease of use when it comes to putty is unbeatable by even your average split shot. No longer will you have to bite a split shot onto a line when you can mold some sink putty on your fly line, and hit the water. Why Is Putty Better Than Other Options?

Once again, using fly fishing sink putty is so easy to use in comparison to split shots, so durable and long-lasting, and very unsuspecting due to its dark and mundane look. Don't let this look fool you, this putty should be a staple in your arsenal and will never let you down with the high quality we provide you with. In some cases, even using a weighted line and flies are inferior to fly fishing sink putty simply due to its versatility and ease to remove and add weight in a breeze. How To Use Fly Fishing Sink Putty

Using sinking putty is so simple when compared to other forms of adding weight that it hardly needs an explanation. Simply remove the putty from the container, mold your desired amount around your line, and cast away! Using this putty is so easy that adjusting to changes in tide, water depth, and current can be negated by simply adding more putty on your line. Who Is This Aimed Towards?

This fly fishing sink putty is aimed towards YOU! It truly is one of, if not the, most versatile pieces of equipment in the tackle box. Almost everything in fishing, whether it is a hook, fly, drop shot, or leader line, you need to devote some time to tying on anything you need. This is simply not the case with fly fishing sink putty and it will save you so much time, so many headaches, and maximize your smiles on the water. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or even a professional fisherman, using this sinking putty is a very quick and easy way to step up your game, maximize your time with a fly in the water, and make the most of your next fishing adventure. Your Options

After all this, you may be wondering "what does all this mean?!" if so, here is the summary. Here at Maxcatch, our sinking fly line is great when wanting to precisely control and view the drift of your line, while also getting your fly below the water's surface. Our flies also have differences in float and appearance, depending on what species you're hunting, which waters you're in, and how deep you want your fly to dive. The fly fishing sink putty described here, can be used in almost every occasion, is great for both beginners and experienced anglers, and will last you forever. The Goal of Our Sink Putty

Here at Maxcatch, the goal is to allow everyone, no matter what their credentials, circumstance, and background are, to have access to great fishing products. This product here fits the bill perfectly thanks to its durability and longevity it will provide to its owner. If weighted lines, weighted flies, and split shots are not your thing, go ahead and give our fly fishing sink putty a try!

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