Unravel the "Mistery" of Spey Fly Fishing

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When it comes to Spey Fly Fishing, namely Spey casting, it seems a little puzzling for many people and also a knotty terminology for the editor to explain. First, the editor has no idea how to exactly translate this fly-fishing buzzword into Chinese. Second, it is one of the most intricate and gorgeous fly-fishing skills in various modes. Unlike other fly-fishing skills, it definitely has no fixed patterns. Actually, Spey technique is a generic term for the casting technique in fly fishing.

Why have such a name?

People may wonder why there is a "SPEY" in Spey Fly Fishing at the first sight of this word. For this, the editor googled it and let's dive in. According to the information given by

Wikipedia, "SPEY" comes from where this technique originated, that is, the River Spey in Scotland. Having solved the doubt about this name, let's learn more information about Spey casting.

Characteristics of Spey technique
Generally speaking, Spey casting means the collective actions of fly fishing activity with non-access or little-access to the space of fly fishermen's back. Here are several characteristics of it.

Firstly, fly fishermen seldom cast behind when swinging flies.

Secondly, no matter how various and changeable the actions of the early part are, the latter part will eventually end with a certain action.

Thirdly, the actions commonly do Not circle a lot like the standard Fly Cast.

Advantage of Spey casting

Many fisheries are not able to provide spacious back-room because of topography limitations, like dense shrubs and weeds alongside rivers and towering river bank behind. Although there are a couple of steps in most Spey castings, the space it needs just excludes the back-room, which makes it practical.

When fishermen use Spey technique, the fly line cycles on the sky, which is both imposing and magnificent. Also, due to the actions at one stretch, if a fishermen can manipulate Spey Fly Fishing, he will be regarded as a professional in the field of fly fishing.

Imagining facing a river, you are holding a fly-fishing roll. Swing it so that your line is dancing like a spiral. Then Spey Cast it!

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