Top 3 Allen Fly Fishing Chest Packs

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You know you're the angler version of a nerd when Allen fly fishing chest packs are at the very top of your wishlist and all your friends and family know it because you've been poorly dropping clues like a kid before Christmas.

Nevertheless, most anglers have had to figure out how to compartmentalize their fly fishing gear without ruining a good fly fishing moment, and if chest packs are your thing, here's a rather detailed Allen fly fishing chest pack review. Research was done purely for a "friend", and not to intended to coerce a gift out of friends and family looking for clues (wink).

Benefits of Using a Fly Fishing Chest Pack 

Comfortable: amateur anglers usually wear fishing vests on their first rodeo. But considering fly fishing season's usually during the summer, this vest ends up being a miserable excuse of a sweater once the heat sets in. Wearing any of the Allen fly fishing chest pack means a lot less fabric and thus, less burdensome storage wear.   

Wading: Sure vests and fly fishing gear are designed to work in water, but if you have to wade deep into the water with all your gear stuck in a vest, things can get pretty bulky once you move out. Chest packs are literally confined to the upper chest area, so storage is kept conveniently above water levels. Even if your gear's not water resistant, you won't have cause for concern. And if you do end up neck deep in the water, you'll find that most Allen fly fishing chest packs are waterproof, so your gear will still be intact.

Versatile: some chest packs are designed to convert to other styles, the more versatile, the better. They come in different sizes, with some ostentatious and others minimalist with fewer pockets. The general consensus amongst fly anglers who prefer chest packs is that it shouldn't interrupt your line of casting. Basically, a good chest pack stores everything you need, but the best chest pack does that without you even noticiing it's there.    

Top Allen Fly Fishing Chest Packs

#1. Allen Bear Creek Micro

Like the micro in the name implies, this is a very small Allen fly fishing chest pack but it offers a surprisingly good amount of options to pack your stuff. It was designed with minimalists in mind who wade about with just a decent fly box. It's a nylon bag that weighs just 3 lbs. It literally has just two pockets, one big and another that's half the latter's size. It does come with a few d-rings at the outer bottom, where you can attach your landing net and a few other basics.


- 1 medium sized and 1 small pocket

- D-rings on the side

- minimalist

#2. Allen Fall River Chest Pack

It is  essentially the bigger version of the Bear creek, so the characteristics are the same. Only difference is that with the Fall river, the big pocket's twice as big, so any size of fly box would fit. The chest pack still fits snugly to the chest, and isn't noticeable while casting.   


- 1 big and 1 small pocket

- D-rings

- made with nylon

#3. Allen Boulder Creek Chest Pack

With 3 pockets, this Allen fly fishing chest pack is more suitable for a day trip, as it a lot more room for accessories.


- 3 pockets

- 1 removable fly patch

- D-rings

- Padded neck straps

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