Things to Know before Fly Fishing in Australia

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Things to Know before Fly Fishing in Australia

Looking to fly fishing in Australia? Well, the main difference between fly fishing and other forms of fishing is found in the name- the fly. The fly is lightweight and does not pull the line unlike other techniques of fishing. The flies act as bait and can come in a variety of forms and shapes, including replica insects.

The tip is to use the fly to copy the movements of a regular insect, worm, etc. You have to have patience, bucketloads of it. Fishing is associated with mindfulness and concentration for a reason, do not expect fast results as you will not get any. You are alone with nature, immerse yourself at the moment, and do not overthink it. In many ways, fishing is a meditative procedure, go with the flows of it.

Australia is the perfect place to further explore fly fishing. Fly fishing Australia will give you the opportunity to fully experience all that fly fishing has to offer. Australia is an island, so that gives you uninterrupted coastlines, which form the distance of nearly 60,000 kilometers, that’s more than   30, 000 miles. Within this coastline, the diversity of nature is incomparable to most places on Earth, with species being found in Australia that has not been found anywhere else. There’s a sense of wonder to be had when encountering elements of nature that you have never experienced before, and Australia’s coastlines offer that.

Australia is known for its trout fishing, for both the abundance of trout as well as other fishes such as the Barramundi, Giant Black Marlin, mackerel as well as several species of tuna. If you are fishing for trout specifically, areas such as Tasmania, New South Wales & Victoria are places you can venture to fly fish for trout.  Species of tuna such as the yellowfin, dogtooth & albacore can be found in South Australia, Victoria & Tasmania.

Tasmania is known for its freshwater streams & lakes which contain a variety of trout and are perfect for a long day of fly fishing amidst World Heritage scenery. The best time to go fly fishing for trout is typically in the spring although as Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed, so keep that in mind.

Fly fishing Australia regulations/rules

Depending on where you are fly fishing in Australia, you will either have to purchase a recreational fishing license from the Department of Fisheries or pay a Recreational Fishing fee. Additionally, there are also bag and size limits for any catches. An example of this is the limits for trout fishing in Western Australia, where there is a daily limit of 4 bags of Rainbow & Brown trout which cannot exceed 30 cm each. For trout specifically, there are open and closed seasons for fishing, with the open season starting on the 1st of September and ending on the 30th of April.

Fly fishing basics

The basic clothing & equipment needed for fly fishing are as follows:

Fly rod and reel

Different sizes and types of flies depending on fish size

Sturdy, waterproof boots  

Waterproof, warm clothing

Before going straight to a stream to fly fish, make sure that you are comfortable with using the equipment i.e. casting a line. Practice beforehand as while you are in the water you will have to remain focused and attentive towards your surroundings as well. Start off by going to streams that are easily accessible to walk into and then work your way up once you are comfortable with the environments. For fly fishing in Australia, it will be helpful to ask local experts where to set up your equipment, as they will know the best spots to do this.

Make sure to research the behaviors and characteristics of the fish species you are looking to fish for before venturing out. This will help you in terms of knowing how close to the shore to stand as well as knowing how to maneuver the fly, keeping the feeding habits and swimming patterns of the fish species in mind. The presence of birds can also be a good indicator of the presence of fish, as birds are able to observe them from above, especially with fish that tend to swim closer to the surface of the shore.

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