The Scientific Angler Fly Fishing Kit: The Perfect Bargain Buy

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The Scientific Angler Fly Fishing Kit: The Perfect Bargain Buy

If you are interested in getting into flyfishing The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit could be an easy way for you to begin learning flyfishing is a sport. The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit has become a staple product in many sports stores as well as in online marketplaces like Amazon. For a reasonable price, you can enjoy some excellent quality combo fly fishing gear and everything that you need to get started with flyfishing.

The cost of The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kits:

The cost of these flyfishing kits usually ranges between $50 up to $85 on Amazon. The value that they deliver can be excellent for beginners. The only thing that's missing from this package is something for the tying or clipping line. In most cases, you'll have everything that's needed from the flies to the rod and more. This rod and reel combo delivers excellent value to any fishing fan.

What is included in The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit?

Included in the kit is a full inventory of fishing items. You can find a complete set of flies that are perfect for beginner use but not of super high quality, a fly box to carry your flies, a four-piece drag Rod as well as the disc drag reel for your rod, WF line and backing as well as a leader for managing individual flies. All these inclusions bring a lot of value that you can add to your tackle box.

The manufacturers also provide a Flyfishing Made Easy DVD that is designed to help any beginner to pick up some of the main techniques that are required for fly fishing successfully. The DVD lessons can save you some time in working with another fly fisher or in trying to adapt the methods all on your own. Giving the DVD a quick watch before you go out for the first time can give you a basic idea of how to use your fly fishing rod and master the setup. The best part about the DVD is that everyone in it is using the same The Scientific Angler Combo rod and reel. The film gives you the perfect frame of reference for getting the motions down. It can often be difficult trying to learn from other instructional flyfishing programs where a person may be using a different setup.

Who The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit is for:

The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit is the perfect option for anyone curious about flyfishing for some time. It gives you a great way to start up with the beginner's rig that easy to handle. All of the components, including the flies and the rod, are quite inexpensive when purchased as a kit. It's also straightforward to get into the hobby by following the DVD.

The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit is also an excellent inclusion for taking along on fishing trips as a backup setup. Because everything is included in the package, if there's ever a problem with your fly fishing combo or something that gets lost, you could still have everything you need for flyfishing in this package.

Upgrading The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit:

When it comes to this purchase, The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit is widely regarded as a beginner pack with everything that you need to get started with flyfishing. There are some great ways that you can upgrade the setup including picking out a few extra fly rod tips, including some small pliers for the tacklebox, improving the line and also getting a few better flies for use with the rod. The graphite rod that included does deliver an excellent value but if you get a feel for fly fishing and wanted to upgrade, choosing a lighter and faster rodlike a Diamondback or Winston model may be an option to choose from there.

Faster rods can deliver a slightly more natural casting motion, but The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit rod that is included will give you the best feel for fish. You can feel the line much better as the weight shifts towards the back of the cast. Also, With the slower nature of this rod, it easier to get better quality casts and control weight shifts within your cast more easily. As you master the process of flyfishing, this is a combo that would give you the most control of your casting motion.

The interactive DVD:

The interactive DVD is designed with reference points to make sure that you can learn how to use The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit to its fullest potential. The starting videos give you an idea of how you can set up your rod and reel and the proper motion for flyfishing as well. Interactive DVD titles and content are somewhat dated now but watching this content before you get started with the program will be a highly beneficial way to help you learn flyfishing.

The DVD content answers many of the questions that most people have with flyfishing, including the motions, proper knot techniques and more. It's a great way to launch into the process of fly fishing for the first time.

Customer service:

The Scientific Angler is a company with a long-standing reputation, and they've been selling these kits for many years. For replacement parts for the rod and reel or any questions on the shipping process, the company has an outstanding customer service department. Most parts for the rod and reel can be purchased from their website or by phone. If you ever run into a problem with rod tip snapping or pieces wearing out, the company can issue a quick invoice for replacement and ship the parts quickly too.


If you are seeking the perfect starting equipment for flyfishing, this is one of the most reasonable ways that you can have everything you need to start practicing. With the instructional DVD and all of the tools included here, The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit offers considerable value.

Even if you're an experienced angler that is no stranger flyfishing, The Scientific Angler Flyfishing Kit offers fantastic value and a backup Rod that is easy to control an extremely inexpensive. This kit comes highly recommended for the long-standing quality that the company is synonymous with and the value they offer in this combo package.

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