The best new fly fishing gear for 2019

June 05, 2020 Fishing Guides Views: 2183

The award of Best new fly fishing gear for 2019 for some top brands gave goosebump feel to the customers. Many world-class fly fishing companies have gained the award for their quality gear supply. Depending upon customers' feedback and ratings on the internet, quality of the gear, the success ratio of the gear in the water, and longevity are the major features considered for selecting the best fly fishing gear in 2019. The major companies bagged the best gear award are Simms, scientific angler, and Scott.

Rods and vest in 2019

The Scott fly rods steal the show by bagging the best gear of 2019. The sector series of Scott has gained the overall popularity with its top-notch features. The rods' high performance, fast-action technology, carbon web technology, and PVD coating are the major attractive features for its selection. The other product is the vest for kids namely tenderfoot youth vest of fish pond company. It is a famous apparel used for fly fishing. This quality product for little anglers gained the top spot in 2019.

The fly rod of sage has also gained the name of the best gear in 2019. The rods of freshwater for catching Trout fishes are available with 3to 6 in lengths good for light tippet and closed cast. The other rod of Sage is a two-handed Spey rod which is used for catching trout fishes. 

Best Fly box and chest pack of 2019

The fly box of fish pond company is another stellar product in the year 2019. The fly dock is a top performer for anglers providing him extreme comfort for carrying flies to the river. Next comes Patagonia's tote bag which is an ecofriendly product used by the anglers. This bag is exclusively used by the fishing customers for carrying fishing gear during the fly fishing task. Next, we shall see about Fishpond's chest pack for the anglers. This chest pack helps the angler to carry small materials like water bottle, coat, and fishing gear. This chest pack is very slim and innovative to the users

Men's and women's' materials of fly fishing

Men and women's' wader apparels of Simms brands are given the best of show awards in 2019. The men waders namely G4Z stocking foot wader and bug stopper leggings have gained the top position in the list of the best gear. The reels for fly fishing gear viz Ross reels and saltwater reels, Abel reels for saltwater are the major gear of 2019. Both these reels have performed better on the water by the anglers for many days. These reels have given outstanding performance in terms of fishing success ratio to the anglers. 

Accessories. fly hooks, fly pattern and fly tying material has also named the best gear of 2019. Simms fishing products of accessories, scientific anglers' fly tying materials, and tippets are the major top gainers in the list. Men's outerwear, wading boots, waders, and general apparel of Simms fishing company has earned the best gear awards in 2019. Women's outerwear and wading apparel of Simms too joined the list of the best gear.

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