Six Realistic Fly Fishing Flies You Must Want

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Six Realistic Fly Fishing Flies You Must Want

You must need realistic fly fishing flies if you are a new fly angler. Well, that’s our characteristic, the appearance, the weight and the motion of our flies are vivid like real insects. I prepare 6 kinds here, there’s always one for you.
1.Mayfly Nymph
We have vividly mayfly nymph made by top-class Hemingway’s materials. You can choose from 5 colors: yellow, tan, brown, red brown and olive. And you can choose from 3 hook sizes: #12, #14, #16. Now it’s only $3.17 each, buy it now.

2.Green Bottle Fly
Our Green Bottle Flies imitate the insect in many details so it’s almost looking like a live one. And high quality make them sturdy and durable. You will get extra results during summer months. Two hook sizes to choose: #10 and #12. The price is $3.17 each.

3.Caddis Emerger
The Caddis Emerger perfectly imitates a caddisfly that emerging from shuck into its winged adult. The appearance is realistic and the weight is proper to drift subsurface. You can choose from 4 colors: light green, green, brown and smokey and 4 hook sizes: #10, #12, #14, and #16. Only$2.80 each now.

These vividly grasshopper is from Vania flies, they look alive, right? Its buoyancy comes from lightweight foam and its elasticity and durability come from silicone. Its 3D legs imitate authentic motion of the fly in water. You can choose from 8 colors: gray, green, tan, yellow/brown, brown, yellow, yellow/black and pink and 2 hook sizes: #8 and #10. $3.17 each now.

5.Stonefly Nymph
Another fly you must have in your fly box. These lifelike stonefly nymph designed and tied by high quality Hemingway’s materials. Fish love them for their realistic appearance and perfect weight. Choose from 5 colors: black, tan, gold,dark brown and pale and 3 hook sizes: #6, #8 and #10. $3.17 each now.

6.Mayfly Dry
Famous mayfly made by top-class Hemingway’s materials. It imitate the living mayfly and fish won’t know the difference. Its bonus is many big strikes. 5 colors: light yellow, yellow, tan(natural), dark and mahogany and 3 hook sizes: #12, #14 and #16 for you to choose. The price is $3.17 each.

So many realistic flies here. Have you decided which one to buy?

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