Simple Midge Dry Fly Tying Instructions

April 25, 2019 Maxcatch Adventures Views: 4625

We wanted to request instructions and advice of an expert for this topic. So we invite you to read the words of Brian Ratcliff about his simple midge dry fly tying instructions:

First of all, Brian would like to make a quick introduction:

“I must say in the world of fly tying there are so many different patterns when it comes to midge/Gnat. There are very basic patterns which are great for all round abilities of fly tying. I would say when l do midge patterns l am looking for patterns that with cover more than one type of hatch. Some of the most effective basic midge dry fly patterns l feel have been forgotten but can be the most effective on the day.”

Brian describes here all the step you should learn:

Now all you have to do is to use it, why not sharing it with us, and of course catch fish with it.

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