Seven Tips to Choose the Right Fly Fishing Shoes

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Seven Tips to Choose the Right Fly Fishing Shoes

Fly Fishing Shoes are not only the shoes that can protect your feet from injury, but can also make your feet breathe freely through drain out water inside your shoes quickly. These functions make them a big help to both safety and convenience while you are on fly fishing. Here are seven key tips to help you make the best choice.

1. Waterproof-breathable Upper Material & Quality Laces.

Do you sweat a lot when you are participating in fly fishing, imagine that the upper material of your shoes is not breathable, and then it is all trapped inside. Hard to bear it, right?

Therefore, if you want to buy a pair of comfortable fly fishing shoes for fly fishing, waterproof-breathable material is one of the most important features. Meanwhile, it is a must that wading shoes have quality laces to support constant pressure while you are using them.  

2. Lightweight and Easy Dry Design.

It is likely to walk a lot of miles during a fly fishing day, then you will be worn out soon cause of a pair of heavy wading shoes. Moreover, a pair of wading shoes with poor drainage is a real pain to wear for a long time and also poses a threat to your security.

Hence, it would be best if you tried to find a pair of wading shoes with an easy dry design and as lightweight as possible in the meantime.

3. Solid Ankle Support.

Many river bottoms can be pretty unstable and involve hidden dangers. If the river you intend to fish is rocky, there is a great chance that you are going to turn your ankle several times a day. It is such a pain just to imagining the bad situation.

Fly fishing shoes with rock-solid ankle support could provide you better balance and protect you from possible injury during fishing.

4. Skid-resistance Soles.

It is well known that most rivers are covered with rocks. If the current is running strong, the surface of rocks will be very smooth. However, if the current is running slow, the river will be full of moss-grown rock. Both situations are slippery. Therefore, soles of wading shoes with skid resistance are essential.

5. Sizing.

As a general rule, wading shoes have different size standards from regular shoes. You should save extra space for wading socks or thermal/wool socks, which you wear in the early season. Always choose one size up from standard hiking shoes. In this way, you can fit comfortably and keep your feet warm.

6. Styles

There are various styles in the current market. Over twenty different brands of wading shoes out there for you to choose from. All of them provide their best service and their color and style design. You can select your favorite one among them.

7. Price Performance.

Some wading shoes are used as a one-time product, and some of them can get up to several years of use due to their high quality. The type of wading shoes you choose to purchase mostly depends on your budget. Therefore, make sure your shoes worth every penny, which means you always choose the best one within your budget.    

An additional tip to prolong the wading shoes' life:

When you are not wearing your wading shoes, clean out all dirt and sands, wrap the shoes in tissue paper, and put them in a shoebox, heel to toe. Please don't keep them in plastic bags or airtight boxes and avoid humidity, making them moldy, and avoiding bright light, which can discolor suede. Please keep them in a dark, dry place. 

Keep these critical considerations in mind! Low-quality shoes or shoes with poor fit will reduce warmth and safety, and it is likely to leave you in a bad and soggy situation. The right pair of fly fishing shoes can make a huge difference between having a wonderful day fishing and end with sweat, dirty mess.

Wearing the right pair of wading shoes, you are unlikely to fall into a river. In the meantime, you can maintain better balance while walking through the river with faster currents, and it can save on lots of doctor bills, and the most important thing is you can enjoy a good fly fishing day.

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