Saltwater Fly Fishing Stripping Basket

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Saltwater Fly Fishing Stripping Basket

A saltwater fly fishing stripping basket is very vital fly fishing equipment that is mostly overlooked by many anglers. For those who do not understand what this instrument is, a stripping basket is an equipment that is used to add or increase the casting distance.     

 It helps in holding the fly line during retrieval so that it can not fall back in the water. Additionally, it also prevents the fly line from getting entangled in fishing grounds that contain rocks and weeds.      It's always disgusting when the fly line wraps one or both of your legs or when held by some underlying debris. Such occasions will always comprise your catch by either causing the fish to fall out or even breaking the hook baits. In order to avoid such issues, anglers always rely on stripping baskets to reduce the tangles lines which makes the fly line to land or shoot unimpeded when casting it through the guides.    

It's always a difficult task when it comes to stripping a fly line without a stripping bucket and if you try it one day, then you will never try again because of the lesson you will learn. It's even harder when fishing on areas which experience frequent air currents because the currents are strong enough to wash the fishing line in all directions and get it entangled in debris or rocks.  

Types of saltwater fly fishing stripping baskets. 

Stripping baskets come in different designs and sizes but the choice depends on you. Generally, there are three basic types of stripping baskets as discussed below. 

The stripping bay basket. 

The bay stripping basket is newly designed equipment that is completely closed without any holes in order to allow the angler to wade in different water levels. Most anglers always question how such handbasket is used and how effective it is. To make you comfortable, this basket is specifically designed to float on the water as you strip or pull the line inside the carrier. This prevents any impedance to the line. 

The oceanfront stripping basket.

Unlike the bay basket, an oceanfront basket is used by anglers who prefer shooting the fly lines directly into the water waves or surf. It's has got a unique design since it's fitted with various holes which are positioned slightly above their base so that they can allow any waters that might splash into it to flow out freely and keep the basket floating. If you use a solid basket on such occasions, it easily sinks or makes the basket dump and this will force you to change your equipment regularly. Some waves can also detach the basket away from the waist. However, this basket is not applicable when wading in deep and large water bodies. 

The boat stripping basket. 

Just as the name suggests, it's a stripping basket that used by anglers who fish using boats. They are often placed between the angler's legs so that they can stick on the boat's floor. Such baskets are usually cylindrical in shape.  

Finally, it's advisable to look choose a lightweight, strong, and waterproof basket so that it can last longer.

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