Saltwater Fly Fishing Reels: All You Need to Know

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Looking for saltwater fly fishing reels? Saltwater fly fishing requires a bit more advanced skill and knowledge about fly fishing, and the target fish all require stronger rods and reels to chase. Unlike fly fishing in a river or pool, fly fishers may have to face undetectable situations in the sea. A good fly reel with strong, reliable drag feature can help you lock down the fish quickly and easily. This article will discuss some points about saltwater fly fishing and its reels.

With respect to fly fishing reels, it's not just about holding the fishing line, but its design. There are specific reels constructed for saltwater fly fishing and may even be broken down in other water areas. So the fly fishing gear differs from water to water. Even in the same water type, the gear you use for warm water and cold water may be different.

As we know, saltwater fly fishing reels stand out due to their excellent drag systems. Another crucial point is its backing capacity. Why? Because the fish in the ocean often run further and quicker than those in the river. And the sea is much larger than the river. So the potential of losing fish is higher than anywhere else. In this case, the first thing that needs to be considered is the fly fishing reel’s backing capacities. You will need to use 200-250 yards to keep yourself safe.

As we discussed before in the other article, you will need to pair the weight between rods, lines, and reels. So the fly fishing gear you use in the ocean should be heavily weighted than those you use in other water sources. For example, normally you may take a 3-5wt rod, line, and reel on the trip to fly fishing. But in the ocean, a solid 8wt fly rod and reel must be used if you need to fish for trout. Paring the line lifting power for 2nd and 3rd shots during trips.

You can check online for detailed information on what weight match what kind of species. You will be able to lock down your target fly fishing reels for the ocean in this case. Normally a 7-wt gear can match most of the bonefish. To start with, you can consider 7-wt saltwater fly fishing reels. Then upgrade step by step if you want to cat larger fish.

For some advanced fly fishing masters, they will tend to catch stronger fish. 10-14 weight rods are going to be advanced fly fishers’ all-around strongest weapon. If you are catching large tarpon, musky, sharks any other large fish, you will find heavy weighted rods and reels are your best helpers, not only your catching weapon but your balancing tools on the boat.

Yet, you also need to consider the size of the reel that meets your budget. If you are looking for saltwater fly fishing reels, normally the combo set is good but you can also be looking for individual items as you are already familiar with fly fishing. A qualified reel that costs around $400 bucks or higher can meet regular fly fishing trips. For every fly fisher, they will have a specific choice. Do remember to consider the capacity and features of the item than whether it is cool or not.

When entering unfamiliar territory, you may want to explore the fly fishing gear’s availability. Rods and reels break now and then during saltwater fishing trips. If you are fishing with friends, you can borrow extra gear from others. But you should take everything just in case. An extra pair of rods and reels should be taken into consideration in case the fish tour them up. 

Target fish for saltwater fly fishing usually depend on where you angle, but some species inhabit both inshore and offshore. No matter you go offshore, nearshore, or inshore fly fishing. A well-made fly fishing rods and reels are your perfect partner. If you want to use them longer, do remember to clean them every time after use, and well stock them in a safe place. 

If you want to know other information about fly fishing, you can read our other articles. We have plenty of information about freshwater fly fishing, saltwater fly fishing, fly fishing for trout, and so on. And you will find useful item briefing on the detail page.

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