Saltwater Fly Fishing Florida Keys

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The Keys of Florida are located off the southern coast of Florida state and make up the continental-islands in the southernmost areas of the-US. They are made up of 1700 islands covering about 356 square kilometers (137 sq. miles). These areas are some of the renowned grounds for saltwater fishing across the globe. They are best for a variety of fishing species that are always ready to eat your flies. These include the Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit. You can also easily find Snappers or Jacks, Shark, Snook, Blue Fish, Redfish, Black-fin Tuna, and Trout.   

These places can definitely change your fishing life. Novices come here almost every day to tie flies because the area does not disappoint, particularly when it comes to catching plenty of fish within a short time. Great anglers are also made here and keep coming back from time to time. People who want some huge bonefish, a massive number of tarpon, and large permit usually go in Florida-Keys. Anything can happen at any time depending on specific days. Waters can remain calm in the morning, but in the afternoon provide an incredible fishing ground.   

If you are interested in catching flies in the saltwater, whether you are a super expert or beginner, the Keys are the perfect areas for you. You will find various guidelines that will show you the best places to find a good deal of fish. Here are some of the guides.   

Bonefish in Florida Key

These are flourishing and growing in large numbers and sizes each and every day. They are good types of fish and waiting for you to feed them your flies. To enjoy catching bonefish, the secret is having a great guide showing you the entire spots where they are found. You need a leader such as a fluorocarbon (about 10lbs), a rod (8wt) with taper line, and flies like the mantis shrimp or spawning shrimp for a better experience when flying fishing bonefish.    


The Keys of Florida are well known for these mammoth-sized species of fish. The Poons, Silver-Kings, and Megalops. All are recognized by their giant sizes and possibly because they are at the top of the fishing-food-chain. A huge migration of the giant tarpons is found during springtime at the Atlantic and Gulf coast, and also the Keys of Florida. But one major reason to choose Florida is that these fish species are found here all year round. You don't have to wait until the spring season where many fishermen from across the country come to find a chance to catch one or two giants. The fish are mostly found at remote locations, where other species such as permit and bonefish are rare. The places should not also be overcrowded by many fishers. The best guide will show you great areas to catch these monsters. Flies such as black-dead and tarpon-toads are used. A leader (about 30lbs) of fluorocarbon-type having a bite tippet of nearly 80lbs is also preferred. Also, ensure to have a better rod (about 12wt) with a ghost tip and a floating line.  

Permit on the  Keys-of-Florida

You can find the best and healthiest species of Permit on the Keys-of-Florida. The fish types are often regarded as the black-tailed devils. They do mostly frustrate anglers because of their spooky and finicky nature. You can cast your flies several times, but thinking that you have surely made a reasonable catch, you only come up empty-handed. These, though, does not make fishers to give up. They always come back for another try. Ensure to do use crab pattern flies with sizes 4 and 2, a 16lb fluorocarbon leader, and a rod, 10wt, with a taper fly-line for permits or a floating-bonefish.  

 We hope this guide helps you a great deal for your fly fishing experience in the Florida Keys.

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