Reeling in Fly Fishing with Fly Rod

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There are a crowd of people would meet the same issue that how to reeling in fly fishing, I’m also the one. For me, I could fish well in the lake instead of fly fishing with fly rod, so I have seek assistance from a variety of man no matter how much experience of reeling in fly fishing with fly rod dose he has.

 Over this weekend, I have encountered some setbacks in reeling of fly fishing, which discouraged me a lot. So I went back to lake fishing provisionally where I am skilled in until I have learned how to fly fishing well. Thus, I prepared some necessary fly fishing tools, like spinning rod and fly rod.
I started with the way of trolling flies, which I have learned from a video that serving for people who is long for learning the skills of fly-fishing reeling, that’s a successful method for me and worth being insisted. Reeling in this way when fly fishing, you should not take a lot of effort to fight with fishes, because it’s not heavy.

I planed a trip to the Capilano River where is full of steamer flies and is appropriate for casting. There are multifarious colorful salmons but I don’t get one, even the tempting colorful salmons have been mine, they were also baking to the sea due to my careless skills of fly fishing reeling. Do you have a great technique to keep the line tense while bringing fishes in?

I could not do stay the line tense while I put up the rest line in the water, so I need some skillful help to solve it to reel better in fly fishing. And some advise me deal with it in different ways under the size of the fishes. For small ones, do it my way, or the large should be reeled to fight. However, there are other people suggest that I need to reel fishes chronically no matter how large they are.

I have been suggested trying to reel the line back with my accustomed hand and throw the line to the water with the other which I am not adept. The line would be taut if I have controlled it while reeling on the whole course of fly fishing.

On the contrary, someone told me that throwing the line in is better than reeling when fly fishing for the trouts, reeling is more suitable for salmons. Maybe you would be curious about the question that how I know the fishes in advance, that’s easily when you pull all types of them in water together, you would get the knack gradually.
There is another issue should be aware of which was proposed by my friend who is a fly fishing man with great experience. He told me that reeling with whichever hand while fly fishing is also a vital effect. Besides, the detail of using the thumb and index fingers to grasp the fly line could reduce the slackness of line.

I have received other credible advice from experienced fly fishing man as well, and appreciating for the enthusiastic help from which I really have learned a lot. If you are in the same puzzle of mine, wish these methods mentioned above could figure it out and make you be a better fly fishing man in reeling.

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