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Fly fishing with a new phase fly fishing, you take many tools and accessories in the necessity, these help you from the beginning. New phase Inc had opened up in 1985. It is a fly fishing equipment provider based in Southeast Idaho where is the best trout fishing place.

The company has more than 400 independent fly shops. They offer custom pad printing of its logo on all of its products. New phase Inc’s goal is to provide products that have great value to the beginner and the end-user with better fly fishing experiences.

What equipment do you purchase before your first time fly fishing? How to get started? What does fly fishing need, only a fishing rod? Let’s see what we can do from the beginning.

Fly Rod

A fly rod should be the first thing you need. For a newer in fly fishing, there is no need to prepare too expensive fishing rods. You need a well-qualified rod instead of a higher price.

Nobody likes a breakable rod when you are like to catch the fish. The price between 50 to 80 USD sounds good. Or you can find the best seller in the new phase fly fishing.

Fly Lines

After choosing a rod, fishing lines play in the second place. Its weight is ranked from 1 to 15, 1 stands the lightest and 15 the heaviest. The lighter lines cast the light flies, and the heavier lines cast the heavy flies. If you fish in a small river or lake, 3 will be suited for your rod. Practice makes perfect, you can change the lines after fishing many times. Lines always make a mess if you do not place them in the right place. A Pack Max box made by new phase fly fishing can perfectly fix this problem.


Hooks are very common equipment in fly fishing, and you can find many kinds of hooks at your nearest fly fishing store. They can be found in different shapes, colors, sizes, materials. It is necessary that you know that size 1 is larger than size 5. On the contrary, a 1/0 hook is actually smaller than 7/0. A 0 means aught. The hooks are always small and sharp, so you need a fly fishing box to put them in. New phase has many very professional slim boxes, you can choose one for hook placing.

Fly Fishing Float

It is easy to choose online. A float is made of foam. Don’t pay too much attention to the float, this is not so important.

Bait & Lure

We use raw baits we can figure out in nature at the beginning. Raw baits include creatures living in the water and in water like cyprinid fish, bugs, insects, crayfish, earthworms, leeches, and frogs.

Raw bait use is prohibited in some parts of the United States when we are fishing. So some Americans use the lure instead. But for the beginner or a new starter, it is better to use raw bait than the lure.

To be honest, earthworms are the most commonly used bait for anglers, because they are easy to put on hooks and cheaper to purchase. It is easy to find in the bait shop where you can easily find close to public fishing water.

Then you can start your first time fishing. The key point of fly fishing is patience. You have to hold your breath and your eye contact into the water, float, and underwater. Don’t fool yourself and make yourself think your fly is like a real drifting earthworm after casting. With a 28-foot cast each time, your fly will act into two or three natural driftings, kind of like a natural drifting for 15 feet. Don’t think you have fooled the trout and take a nap. Or you will lose all fun in fly fishing.

Take care of your equipment all you use and practice more until you get the hang of fly fishing. Good luck practicing these techniques to make better and more casting presentations. They will help you to catch more fish. To learn more about the new phase fly fishing equipment, casting, mending, and catching more trout try long-term learning and communicate with more veterans. 

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