Maxcatch Sponsored Chinese Fly Fishing Community

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Maxcatch Sponsored Chinese Fly Fishing Community

We had an awesome time supporting the fly fishing community in Heilong Jiang Province, China. A fantastic event to attend as we work to expand the love for fly fishing in our native homeland.

This fly fishing community lasts 2days, we had a meeting about fly fishing and we had a small exhibition for the fly fishing new tackles on the first day. We went to Mudan Jiang River to communicate the casting skills and tying skills on the second day.

We are learning the casting skills from a fly fishing champion.

Fly fishing community banner.

We’re proud to support fly fishing communities the world over. We really want to contribute our love to more fly fishing community. Fly fishing is a healthy sports, we want to invite more and more anglers to join our fly fishing community.

The Maxcatch family truly is a worldwide fly fishing community. We thank you all for supporting and joining us on this adventure!

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