Maxcatch Fly Fishing Zinger

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Maxcatch Fly Fishing Zinger

Zinger is an important roles in fly fishing,and most of the fly fishing anglers will have more than 3 zingers.

You may have questions about it,why they prepared so much zingers for fly fishing? Because if you wear a vest for a fly fishing trip,you will get many fly fishing tools in your pocket,if you want to use it when you need it, you need a zinger to pull out and use it, and when you release your tools, the zinger will get it back.

Very useful fly fishing tools.

All the Maxcatch fly fishing zingers are made by Maxcatch own factory with the best stain less material,which can be used in water and saltwater.We all care about the length of wire cord is 50cm.And it will be quiet convenient to hand your forcepts,nippers on your fly fishing vest.

Maxcatch have 4 size ziners.

The first one in the picture is AD010 fly fishing zinger with has two opp side circles which can hold on your vest and your tools.The second one is same with the third one and the fourth one,which is stainless zinger which can hold on your clothes,fly fishing backpack and also your fly fishing vest.
The most popular one is AD010 fly fishing zinger,we already packed them in many fly fishing tool combos.

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