Maxcatch Fly Fishing Magnifying Glasses

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Magnifying Glasses

Bring a new found clarity to your fly fishing experience thanks to our unisex fishing sunglasses.As we don’t have the fly fishing magnifying glasses,we want to introduce the fly fishing sunglasses to fly fishing anglers.

Featuring black, seaweed-wrap frames for optimal peripheral coverage and polarized lenses to filter out background glare and provide a crisp, clean view while out on the waters, our sunglasses will forever change the way you see and experience fly fishing.

Polarized Sunglasses Eyewear Lense Cover Fit Over Brown Gray UV400

This sunglasses are totally polarized sunglasses,and it can cover all the glasses.

“I am wearing a glasses and if I want to wear this sunglasses it will cover the glasses and fit all the glasses.”

The lenses are professional TAC polarized and the frame was manufactured from environment-friendly material also a high quality polycarbonate frame.And we prepared brown and gray color to choose.Also we provide door to door shipment for the fly fishing sunglasses.The price is on sale,it only cost $15 include free shipping.Sunglasses box will be provided.

Here’s the link for the fly fishing sunglasses:

This fly fishing sunglasses not only can be used for fly fishing,it will be great for driving,running and also other outdoor activities.

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