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How to Buy Fly Fishing rod ?Fly fishing is an angling method where a fly is used to lure and catch a fish. With the right fishing rod, fly fishing is very effective. As you cast the fly to a fish, the best fly rod will allow you to build momentum in the line, control the distance as well as direction. A good fly fishing rode should be long thin and flexible and build for casting even featherweight fly such as bait. Most of the fishing rods available in the market are made of fiberglass, bamboo and graphite.  

 How to Buy Fly Fishing Rod:  

With so many brands and models of fly fishing rod in the market, finding the best fishing rod that fits exactly your needs is not easy. A good fishing rod depends mainly on the intended use, size of the fishing water body and the size of the fish. These factors are very critical when choosing the best fishing rod as they determine the length, the handle, the weight and materials used in the making the fly-fishing rod.  

Study this How to Buy Fly Fishing Rod guide to help you find the best fishing rode that fit exactly your needs. We have broken down the specifications to help you find the most efficient fly-fishing rod for your needs:    

Types of fly fishing rods:  Different fly fishing rods are designed to behave different when casting the fish. Some are design to be fast, medium while others are slow-action. The best type depends mainly on your specific environment and type of fish.  

a.   Fast-Action  

Fast-action rod is a tip-flex rod designed for fast action. It is a poke-straight rod with innate stiffness for long casting. Although it features a slightly bend tip, it is generally straight, which make it great to use of windy days. Although, it may not be friendly to beginners due to dominating power, inaccuracy and rigidity, it is great for fishing during windy seasons as well as where length is critical.  

 b.   Medium-action:  

Medium-actions, popularly known as mid-flex fly rods are more flexible and can be used in a different of conditions. They are easier to use as it bends from the end to about halfway making it easier to use as compare to the fast action.  

c.   Slow-action:  

It is the most friendly and most flexible to use as it bends to about 1/4 -inch of the rod. It can flex back to about 90 degrees. Although the slow-action cannot be used for long cast, it is great for learners who are looking for a short cast is non-windy environment.  

 Handle:  Fly fishing rods features different types handle. Having a fly-fishing rod with a well designed handle can be a big different in your fishing experience. Split cane rods, freshwater and the cigar handles are designed to designed to offer friction to ensure that the reel is securely in place.  Half Wells handles are shorter and lighter and features screw locking for the reel, which make it easier to secure the reel.   

Full-wells handles are the most popular in the market and great for long rods as they are comfortable to handle during casting.  

Length and Weight:  

The best length and weight for you fly fishing rod depends mainly on the type and nature of the fishing environment. Larger bodies of freshwater demands longer rods while salty water may require a shorter rod. 

 Fly Rod Construction:  

The design and quality of the rod is also critical. The best fly fishing rods should be flexible and made of durable materials such as fiberglass, graphite and bamboo. Get a rod that is made is make to stand all kind of manner and designed to last.

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