Is There A Best Headlamp for Fly Fishing?

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Is There A Best Headlamp for Fly Fishing?

Looking for the best headlamp for fly fishing? Or want to buy some other practical fly fishing gear? You are lucky to read this article. There are lots of different fly fishing gears in the market such as fly fishing vise, fly fishing rods, and so on. As fly fishing gear includes many types of equipment, fly fishers have to choose them carefully. 

It is very true that if you want to learn fly fishing better, you have to prepare many kinds of fly fishing equipment from the head to the feet. Sometimes the tools or the gear are not just for fish catching but your convenience and safety on different trips. Here we will discuss fly fishing headlamps. 

Where can you buy the best headlamp for fly fishing?

Some outstanding fly fishers love to go on long-distance fly fishing tours. There is no doubt that every fly fisher has a wild heart for overcoming difficulties while they are on the road. Sometimes nature will not be kind to us, and we may face extreme weather outside. Sometimes we may have to walk or catch fish somewhere dark. This is where you need the help of a headlamp. 

If you want to buy a headlamp, you may search on the sports equipment selling stores like Decathlon or online for such items. These kinds of stores are very helpful when shopping for headlamps or other kinds of lamp purchases as people who enjoy running, climbing, or skating will surely need the headlamps for lighting the road. Where else can you get the best headlamp for fly fishing? 

You can also have a look at the tools shop or grocery shop. Sometimes if there is no Decathlon nearby, the tools shop or grocery store is such a good place shopping for headlamps. But the other fly fishing gear is not their major selling product, so if you are also looking for other fly fishing accessories, you may need to go to some professional fly fishing gear stores or clubs. 

How to select a headlamp for fly fishing

Some people may be wondering the differences between the regular headlamp and the fly fishing headlamp. They are quite the same. There is no special requirement when choosing a headlamp for fly fishing except it is better multifunctional. You will have to look at its spec and function when shopping for a fly fishing headlamp. 

A basic headlamp may just have one switch on and off button. But if you go fly fishing, you may need something more than that. A magnetic, waterproof, and rotating headlamp that consists of the usual site of multi-modes, including eco, low, medium, and high allows you to see the environment with enough lighting and without scaring the fish. This is important as some fish may swim away quickly once they see the unusual lights.   

And different brightness modes allow you to walk safely in the dark. You may have to travel through caves, forests, or even mountains when you are on a journey. In this case, a headlamp that is powered by an adaptor or cables and batteries is the best headlamp for fly fishing. If you do not have any electricity nearby, at least you could use batteries. Charging time is also important. 

It is better if the headlamp has some SOS function. For example, when the light was off, long-press the switch button for 2 or 3 seconds can activate the SOS function. This is a very crucial usage of a headlamp because you will not know what you will be facing when you are out in the wild. If your headlamp does not have such function, consider buying other fly fishing gear that has such function if fine. 

Besides the above points, you can consider the running time of the headlamp. Like we just said, the headlamp that is powered by both electricity and batteries is good enough. You should be careful of its life pan as normally the brighter the light, the shorter using period a headlamp would be. For example, an output of 2500 lumens and powered by a 1x18650 battery (ARC18650H-310A) headlamp will run 65 hours maximally. 

Last but not least, pay attention to the lighting distance. This is for your safety when wandering or walking along the shore or roads. Depends on your trip, you may just need to wear a headlamp and it is bright enough for you to see the front area.

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