How to Tie Fly Fishing Knots For Streamers

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Do a quick Google search of "fly fishing knots for streamers" and you'll be bombarded by hundreds of thousands of video, images and written help guides. The reason for this is simple, anglers who know what it's like to struggle are finally able to share their wealth of experience, and we'll be doing the same for you right now. 

If you're in the market for streamer flies, you're probably aiming big, because these suckers are some of the most productive flies for the big game. They're the fishes equivalent of a dangling steak meal. 

Along with their size comes a dilemma - streamers are already big, how do you keep their patterns and movements natural looking without giving the fish cause for alarm. The answer lies in your knot. Fly fishing knots for streamers are meant to be subtle, and not snug against the hook since you'll want more independent movement for it. Here are the two most important things you should pay attention to before deciding on a knot. 

Choosing Fly Fishing Knots for Streamers 

As an angler, the road from disintegrated gear to final gear is rife with multiple knots. You need to be able to make your knot decision in a split second and execute before your target wiggles away. Your knot decision should be based solely on these 3 points: 

● Variations and water patterns. Your aim is to present your streamer as an invisible, unattached prey. Your knot should achieve this, otherwise, fishes with good sight and living in clear waters would be able to see the trap you're laying. 

● Toughness. It goes without saying that knots that aren't secure enough to keep your streamer in the water won't be able to pull your fish out. God forbid you to have to pull out your fly lines every so often because of a loose streamer. 

● Simplicity. Different parts of your fly fishing gear require different knots, but your fly fishing knot for streamers needs to be easy to execute - even in the dark. The point, only use knots you've practiced and are confident in. 

Best Fly Fishing Knots for Streamers 

● Clinch Knots: if the rule for knots is "be stupid" simple, clinch knots would win the award. It can be tied even if your fingers are numb and you're using said numb fingers to see your way around the knot. 

To tie this, Hold the streamer's hook in your left hand, then pass the tippet through the hook's eye and double tag the end line until you have a parallel standing line. You want to maintain an open loop with your left forefinger before winding the tag end around the standing line about 4 to 5 times. Slowly take out your forefinger from the eye, without disturbing the open loop. Pass the tag end through the open-loop and pull gently on it until it all comes together. 

● Nonslip Loop Knot: are not the only types of loop knots but are considered the best for streamers by experienced anglers. 

To tie this, start by making an overhand knot on the tippet line, towards the tail end. Don't tighten it though. Pass the tag end of the line through the hook you've just made, double it then pass through the previous overhand knot we told you not to tighten. Wrap the tag end of the line about 4 to 5 times before bringing it back to the overhand knot again - passing it through the knot's center. Most anglers wet the knot with some fluid before tightening it to give it strength. Trim the extreme ends of the line so the knot looks natural. 

Having said all this, don't be afraid of trying new knots. The best fly fishing knots for streamers were discovered because anglers kept trying to find what worked for them. In fact, the clinch and nonslip loop knots you've seen described in vivid detail can be tied differently than is stated here. The best you can do is know what your options are, so you can practice until you find something you can do with your eyes closed - because it may come to that at some point. Don't forgo tippet lines, those practically see-through lines make streamer movements a lot more fluid.

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