How to Go Fly Fishing for Tiger Fish?

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How to Go Fly Fishing for Tiger Fish?

It is not unusual for fly fishers to go fly fishing for tiger fish. However, it is not so easy for fly fishers to catch tiger fish. As a lot of people are not familiar with tiger fish, they do not know how can they catch tiger fish. Generally speaking, if a fly fisher wants to catch tiger fish smoothly, the fly fisher needs to know more about its living habits, favorite food, and when is the best time for tiger fish to forage. Thus, it is of vital importance for fly fishers to know the living habits of tiger fish. 

A great number of fly fishers know that tiger fish is named after their aggressive nature. What’s more, there is a few species of fish named for their aggressive nature, aggressive predatory behavior, or appearance. Tiger fish can live in seawater and freshwater except for polar regions where it is not suitable. They usually live in the coastal zone or the shallow sea area with a lot of sediment and rocks which are at the bottom of the sea. 

Some species of tiger fish live in freshwater, while a few live in torrents or in mud caves. Tiger fish is not good at swimming so that their range of activity is a bit narrow. A few species have reproductive migration habits so they will go into rivers. To be honest, tiger fishes feed on shrimp, crabs, and other crustaceans. Moreover, tiger fish also feeds on small fish, clams larvae, and some benthic diatoms. Tiger fish that live in freshwater also eat aquatic insects and worms.   

In most times, tiger fish is strong enough so that they are not easy to die when they are out of water. If you ask me, fly fishers need to remember all the details about tiger fish and they can catch tiger fish successfully. Except for the living habits of tiger fish, fly fishers also need to learn the tips of techniques about fly fishing for tiger fish so as to increase the chance of catching them. 

Fly fishers need to keep in mind that every time they are going outside for fly fishing, they have to choose the right artificial fishing baits that mimic foods for the target fish, which will greatly increase your chances of catching the tiger fish. 

First of all, it is of great importance for fly fishers to choose the right flies that will attract tiger fish. How to choose the proper fishing flies? Fly fishers need to understand that the tiger fish is particularly fierce than many other fish. Therefore, fly fishers need to prepare some flies that are the best baits to attract tiger fish. Most importantly, the fishing baits should be big and solid enough to avoid being bitten by tiger fish. 

It is more significant for fishermen and fisherwomen to know that streamers are especially attractive to large tiger fish and streamers are very suitable to catch the big fish. In most times, fly fishers can give streamer lines heavier weights and cast fishing lines into deep water where the tiger fish live all the time. 

Hence, nymphs are another kind of fishing bait, which is more difficult and tough to use. Fly fishers need to practice a lot to cast them accurately and make them float freely with the current to where they have to be. Like other fishing baits, with a light fly line, nymphs have small hooks and sinkers which are helpful for fly fishing. They are perfect for small and medium-sized fish. In addition to selecting the right baits, there are a few fly fishing techniques that you need to learn in order to be successful. 

Of course, fly fishers have to select the right fly fishing equipment. As a long fly rod is best for fly fishing, fly fishers need to prepare one ahead of time. For fly fishing, casting and throwing are two important skills that every fly fisher needs to command.  And fly fishers have to get close to the river bank prudently because tiger fish is very cautious. Though fly fishing for tiger fish is not so popular as fly fishing for trouts, fly fishers need to pay more attention to it.

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