How To Get The Best Of Gunnison River Fly Fishing?

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GUNNISON RIVER FLY FISHING is popular amongst adventurous and enthusiasts. If you plan on taking up fly fishing, then gear up for a unique experience at this popular spot in South-western Colorado. Get ready with appropriate Fly gear to make the best of your experience.


Gunnison River is Colorado’s 2nd largest river. It has a range variation of 100-1000 ft. The stream current is rapid at 805-907 ft³/s. Its length is about 80 miles. You can spot some elk, mule deer, and ebony walls around the Gunnison National Park.


GUNNISON RIVER FLY FISHING is prevalent for its brown trout, wild rainbow trout, and Kokanee salmon to catch. For getting your best catch, we have the best fly fishing gear that will make it convenient for you to catch. Gunnison River is the best and finest fishery in the USA. Flyfishing at Gunnison River is an all year round location for fishing. The river’s upper section is considered to be a gold medal and wild trout water. Gunnison Gorge Fly Fishing, also known as Gunny fishing is the best among locals and is considered the best lake fishing river in the Colorado state.

Some other fish species found for Gunnison Valley fly fishing are cut bow, mackinaw, brook trout, tiger trout, and cutthroat trout.

The best catch of fish at Gunnison River has been recorded to be 40.5” rainbow trout, 33.5” cut bow, 28” tiger trout, 46.9” mackinaw, 26” brook trout, and 31” cutthroat trout.


The East River and Taylor River form a confluence of the Gunnison River. This confluence is an excellent spot to catch trout. Above the reservoir Blue Mesa, the river’s upper section is rich in Kokanee salmon to catch. Whereas, the lower section of the river below the reservoir is loaded with rainbow trout. You are sure to catch trout of above 20 inches here.

At the Black Canyon downstream and at the confluence’s south section lies the Gunnison Gorge. Within the gorge’s steep walls are the leading GUNNISON RIVER FLY FISHING spots. These spots are regarded to be the best in the 48 states. There are several access spots for the public for wading. Fishing is also done through drift boats in high waters.


Fly fishing is considered hard during winter. Flyfishing is best and in loads during summer. From mid-June- early July, salmon fly fishing is at its best. From Aug-Oct, Kokanee salmon and big brown trouts are in reasonable amounts. This is because trout move out to the river from the lake.


* Midges

* Blue-winged Olives

* Caddisflies

* Pale Morning Duns

* Western March Browns

* Green Drakes

* Red Quills

* Yellow Sallies

* Stoneflies

* Streamers

* Wing Sedges


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