How to Find The Best Fly Fishing Stories?

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How to Find The Best Fly Fishing Stories?

It is not very easy for many people to find the best fly fishing stories because not everyone will post their fishing experience online. However, it is of great significance for you to find the best stories so as to encourage beginners and give them some tips to improve their fly fishing skills. As fly fishing is originating from European and American countries, it has been spread into Asian countries through Japan. Thus, we can find different stories from different countries like China and Japan. 

As you can see, fly fishing has a promising future in our country. Generally speaking, it is mainly because there is quite a lot of fish for fly fishing. For fly fishing in other countries, fisherman and fisherwoman are mainly aimed at catching fish like trout, followed by freshwater perch or pike. And the final choice is an extreme fly fishing method in the sea area. The main target species are GT, swordfish, tuna, silver carp, and foxtail. 

Japan, on the other hand, has a peculiar fly fishing method for sea bass. As there are a large number of old people in Japan, fishing activity is one of the most popular activities which is very stimulating and makes people calm. Therefore, after fly fishing takes root in China in the future, it is natural to lay the foundation for local fish resources and develop above them. 

Today I'm going to talk about the good friendship between a Japanese and a Chinese. As early as 1997, he had gone to Japan many times and he usually chatted with local fly fishers as well as his good friend who is a pioneer and promoter of advocating Luya and fly fishing activity in Japan. Moreover, his friend is also a primary developer and inventor for fly fishing gears. The famous Daiwa company has a deep relationship with him. His fishing program is very popular in Japan. 

The Chinese are totally sure that many fly fishers should be very familiar with the carp. Hence, there are still many fly fishers who may wonder whether carps can be the target fish of fly fishing? The answer is an absolute yes. He has tried the fly fishing method in Japan several times with his friend in Japan's Lake Biwa, Gifu prefecture, and Hachiko as well as other places.

Among them, Tamachuan in Hachiko prefecture is a very famous fishing spot for fly fishing carp. All fly fishers can enjoy the pleasure of pulling giant carp here. In addition, in 2010, the Chinese also went to Seoul, South Korea where he experienced the happy atmosphere of local fishermen using fly fishing methods to catch carp beside the Hanjiang River. 

After going fly fishing together many times, they have concluded some useful rules. Therefore, a prudent analysis of these two fishing grounds shows that the reason why they can use fly fishing to enjoy the fun of catching carp here is that these two fishing grounds have the following common characteristics. This can be one of the best fly fishing stories. 

First, the two rivers are located in the brim of big cities and the river has high eutrophication which is also called high biological pollution. Therefore, there are a few people who will come here to catch fish so that no people will disturb their fishing experience. Then, no one wants to eat the fish in these two fishing positions. That is to say, the Japanese don't eat carp while the Koreans are afraid of pollution and dare not eat carp in the Han River. 

Lastly, fly fishers in these two fishing places are basically fishing to enjoy the pleasure of pulling fish or to hone their skills, and create records. They just take some photos and measure the fish before releasing them. Moreover, there are a lot of carps in these two rivers so that there are few fishermen who will fail. 

Now, we should know that the growth of living creatures in nature is conditional, not inexhaustible. Of course, all fly fishing methods are the same as the Luya fishing method. If you want to have a good time, there is no special skill or legendary bait. As long as the density of fish in the water is large enough, everyone can catch fish. Of course, this is just from personal experience with my friend. 

They have been to a lot of fishing places for practicing and enjoying fly fishing. They are not just enthusiasts for fly fishing but also good friends in life. They can communicate with each other about fly fishing skills and funny news. It is undeniable that this is one of the best fly fishing stories.

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