Gear Guide: Fly Fishing Duffels

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Gear Guide: Fly Fishing Duffels

Fly fishing duffels are the essential bags for some fly fishermen in their fly fishing travel. Just like a set of tableware, there are various duffel bags for fly fishing based on the specific use. Commonly, duffels can be carried with the rubber lined shoulder strap and the two padded handles. Here the editor will give a brief introduction to the types and functions of two different fly fishing duffels.

√ Wader duffels
Duffels with large interior capacity will be a preference for many anglers for fly fishing needs a lot of tackles. However, the bag with independent room to store wet waders seems to be more beloved by the anglers. Most wader duffels have a separate and ventilated bottom compartment which can keep all the gear in the upper compartment dry.
Considering there being a part with independent zip of the wader duffel bag, the designers love to add some special design in the bottom room like a cloth bag attached to one bottom side which can better store the wet waders and prevent mud or debris from the waders.

√ Dry duffels
Dry duffel bag can also be used as a luggage whose size fits a short trip or excursions perfectly. Unlike the wader duffel bag with an airy room, dry duffel is usually waterproof which assures the anglers of dry fishing gear and dry personal items even in the fly-fishing course with canoe, drift boat and raft.

Every designer of duffel bag has his or her own design philosophy but one common opinion that is no wasted space in duffels. So when purchasing a fly-fishing duffel, try to explore the use of every pocket!

At last, the editor want to introduce some frequently-used components in making fly-fishing duffels. Cyclepond is nylon which is recycled from discarded and abandoned fishing nets. 1680 denier recycled nylon is tough and durable. The zipper TIZIP invented by and manufactured by Titex, is waterproof and air tight when closed.

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