Fly Fishing Truck Accessories You Should Get

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Any serious angler will tell you that having fly fishing truck accessories is important. Truly devoted anglers organize their stuff not only in the water but also outside of it. You should think of your truck as an extension of your person when you go fishing. Your truck is not only a vehicle that brings you to the fishing location. Whatever you can't bring with you in the water, you can always leave it on your truck. To make your truck the ideal fishing vehicle, there are some things you can get to maximize its use. These accessories will greatly improve your fly fishing experience. 

Fishing rod holder 

One of the most useful fly fishing truck accessories you can get is a fishing rod holder. You've probably spent a lot of money on your expensive fly rods You don't want them to simply bounce around your truck with reckless abandon. You need something to keep them safe and secure. And this is why you need a fishing rod holder for your truck. A bump in the road can damage your prized rods. You can prevent this from happening with a reliable fishing rod holder. You can get a fishing rod holder that can be easily installed on your truck without having to drill holes in it. If you can, you should get a rod holder with a locking system. This will also prevent your valuable rods from getting stolen if you're not attending to your truck. 

LED cargo bed lights

As an angler, you can treat your truck as your work area. Your truck is where you can prepare your gear before you head on to the water. You must be able to work on your truck under any condition, even if it's dark. This is why it's also important to get LED cargo bed lights for your truck. If you have LED lights on your truck, you'll be able to rig tackle or load your fly fishing gear even in low-light conditions. If you're a serious angler, then it will be inevitable that you would have to fish at night in order to get that prized catch. Sure, you can always use a flashlight but installing LED cargo bed lights is so much better. To avoid attracting bugs, you should install red lights instead of white ones. Bugs are not attracted to red light. Choose LED lights that are easy to install. 

Storage box 

Sure, your truck may be large enough to carry all your gear. But without a way to organize all your equipment, everything will just be one big pile of mess in your truck. You need to organize your fishing equipment. A simple storage box will do the trick. Among fly fishing truck accessories, this is the simplest. If you can't get a rod holder, then at least get a storage box for all of your fishing gear. It may not offer the same protection, but at least your gear will not be rolling around at the back of your truck. Get a box that is lockable so you can protect your gear from theft.

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