Fly Fishing Shops In Colorado

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With the continuous discovery of new fishing spots, fly fishing shops in Colorado must be on the rise. Whenever you walk into the Colorado fly fishing shops, expect to find a range of fly fishing equipment, from beginner tools to fancy and advanced tools. What’s more is that the shops offer you guidance on the same, particularly when you are a beginner in fly fishing.

Given the increasing number of shops, it may be quite challenging to choose the right one. Worry no more because we got you sorted. After extensive research, we have come up with a list of the best fly fishing shops that you’re likely to find in Colorado.

Reputable fly fishing shops in Colorado

Vail Valley Anglers

97 Main Street, Unit E102


Located at Riverwalk Center in Edwards, Colorado, Vail Valley Anglers shop allows you to set your feet on a reputable platform. Any angler who has visited the shop would confirm that there’s no better place where the staffs’ main goal is to serve the client regardless of the age or level of expertise.

When you first enter the shop, you’re welcomed by a beautiful view of neatly arranged rods, reels, fly fishing lines, and attractive lures. The shop can boast of a vast selection of fly fishing gear. It’s amazing how Vail Valley Anglers manage to provide the latest fly fishing gear before they get to other shops.

At Vail Valley, you can be sure to obtain the services of professional fly fishing guides. They do offer guided fly fishing trips all through Colorado and the rest of the world. If you are a first-timer in fly fishing, Vail Valley expert guides will take you a long way.

Flies & Lies

8570 State Highway 67

Sedalia, Co 80135

Phone:303 647-2237

At the heart of Colorado lies Flies &lies shop. It is conveniently situated on the South Platte River in Deckers. Having that the river holds a high reputation for being one of the best fishing locations in Colorado; it’s no doubt that a shop could be located just by its side.

Since 1991, the shop offers a wide range of quality fly fishing equipment. Could you be thinking of a single-day or perhaps a multi-day fly fishing trip? If yes, Flies and Lies could be your best companion.

If on a multi-day adventure, you’ll find accommodation from the cabin rentals as you enjoy the package deals that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All these serves are affordable so you have to dig too deep into your pocket for the amazing fly fishing deals.

Flies and Lies mind the fact that sometimes buying equipment could be expensive. You might be on a tight budget or maybe you just need equipment for one-time use. For this reason, this shop allows you to rent some of its products at relatively low rates. For instance, boots and waders are rented for a price of 20 dollars per day while rod and reels go for 15 dollars.

Trouts Fly Fishing Shop

Address; 1303 E 6th Ave,


Phone: +1303-733-1434

In a market that has flourishing online and physical fly fishing stores, Trout Fly Fishing shop tends to be superior to them all. You don’t need to visit the shop’s physical location in Denver or Frisco; with just an electronic gadget in your hands, everything is just a message away. How great it feels when you save on transport while you should be spending on the same.

Other than selling fly fishing equipment, Trouts, through its education programs is a rich source of knowledge that helps you polish your fly fishing art. The shop also has a learning center where newbies and pros alike take classes and hold seminars.

Denver Fly Shop

Address: 1699 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222, United States

Phone: +1 720-524-8006

Located a few minutes from downtown and quality angling opportunities is Denver Fly Shop. Its location makes it easily accessible with plenty of parking space available. Having been in operation for almost six years, they are known for their commitment to providing for the fly fishing needs.

It is here where you will find guided tours to finest waters Colorado has to offer and also a wide range of fly fishing classes.

St. Peter’s Fly Shop

Address: 202 Remington St, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

Phone:+1 970-498-8968

In a unique historic building in Fort Collins, you will find St. Peter’s Fly Shop. It has a reputation for offering premium fly fishing equipment, fishing license, equipment rentals, and destination travel.

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