Fly Fishing - How To Tie a Fly?

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Fly fishing is something that may be done in fresh or salt water. The objective of fly fishing is to first imitate the kind of food that your desired fish eats and then enticing the fish to go after your bait versus other options in already in the water. 

The set-up of your fly rod, fly reel and fly line is very important. The goal is to make it so that you have the easiest time possible in securing your catch. 

First, let's start with your fly rod. It is important that your fly rod is nine feet in length and has either a four (4) or five (5) weight fly line. 

Next, let's think about your fly reel. The fly reel options are a bit different for fresh water versus salt water fishing. If you are dealing with fresh water fishing, then they fly reel is not going to be of utmost importance. It will primarily just be used as a holder for the fly line. If you are fishing for a specific type of fish, then the fly reel becomes more important.

After your fly reel comes to your fly line. This is an important factor. If you know that you will be catching fish on the larger-size, then your fly line will need to be different from your line for regular-sized fish. If you are new to fly fishing, then I recommend starting with the basic "Weight Forward" line. This line tends to be the easiest to learn with. 

Typical fly lines are only 80 - 90 feet in length. The weight of the line needs to correspond with the rod and the reel. 

The leader and tippet is what connects from the end of your fly line with your fly. The two parts are necessary because you want to not only have your line cast, but also have the line straighten out. 

The last thing that you need to consider, once you have your rod set up, is which flies you are going to use. The fly is the part of the rod that attracts the fish to it. It catches the eye of the fish as something that it could possibly eat, which makes the fish chase it. It is important for you to learn how to properly tie a fish fly in order to be successful. A good fly connection is what attaches your fly to the end of your leader and then keeps it there. 

To do this, you may use a Clinch knot or a Nonslip Loop knot, along with the Surgeons knot or the Albright knot. This is necessary to do if you want to achieve success in fly fishing. None of the knots are incredibly difficult to manage, thankfully!

It is important to stay patient with yourself the first time you are attempting to do this. This is NOT common knowledge. 

Once you are all set with your rod and your fly, you can get goin' to the river or to the sea or even to the lake! Whichever you prefer to fish in! Good luck!

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