First Time Fly Fishing What to Wear: What Items Should You Buy?

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First Time Fly Fishing What to Wear: What Items Should You Buy?

If it's your first time fly fishing what to wear is a normal question to ask. You've probably seen guys fish in just shorts and flip flops before and you're probably wondering if such attire is appropriate. But when it comes to fly fishing, it's better to be overdressed than underdressed. You need to be prepared for whatever mother nature throws your way. And if ever you do bring more gear than needed, then you can just simply take one item off and leave it in your bag. Below are some tips on what beginners should wear on their first fly fishing trip. 

Fishing vest 

So it's your first time fly fishing what to wear? You should wear a fishing vest. A fishing vest is like a wearable toolbox. It's the reason why it's one of the most important pieces of clothing that you should wear when you go fly fishing. The more pockets, the better. You can use these pockets to keep your flies, line, and weight. They can also hold other essentials such as your wallet, car keys, and even your water bottle. During the summer months where it can get hot, wearing a vest may be uncomfortable. A good alternative is to wear a waist pack or a light backpack. Or you can wear a light t-shirt under your vest so you won't feel too hot. 


The weather can be quite unpredictable nowadays. It can be quite sunny in the morning then rain like crazy in the afternoon. So it's best that you're prepared for bad weather by bringing a raincoat. If a full-sized raincoat is too much for you then you can just bring a packable poncho. You can get small ones that can fit in one of the pockets in your vest. You shouldn't let the rain stop you from enjoying the pleasures of fly fishing. Unless, of course, there's an actual storm in the area. And when you see lightning, it might be a good idea to go back to your car. 


When you search for the first time fly fishing what to wear, waders may come up. These are the thick pants that many anglers like to wear. It is not necessary to use waders all the time but since it's your first time, you may want to try wearing a pair to get a feel of them. Because if you are planning to get serious with fly fishing, then you should get used to wearing waders. These pants are very useful, especially if you plan to venture far from the river banks. And on cold days, they will keep you warm and dry. You can get waders that are either made from neoprene or synthetic materials. 

Fishing hat 

Many people think that hats are not necessary. But they can be very useful. During sunny days, a good hat can protect your face from the heat and UV rays. Of course, hats are cool as well and you can wear them even outside of the water. If it's your first-time fly fishing what to wear, then you should definitely get a hat.

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