Factors to Consider When Buying a Fly Tying Bench

June 21, 2019 Fishing Guides Views: 3281

What is a fly tying bench? If you are a fly tying enthusiast, you'll want to keep your necessary materials, tools, and projects in an organized and ready-to-use manner. It's not easy to begin a new project when you have to look for the right materials in a crowded box. Worse still, you might find your materials tangled if placed in a crowded box.

To do away with such problems and many others, a bench is a perfect solution. It is a practical way to store your materials in an organized way so that nothing gets destroyed.   

Factors to consider when buying a fly tying bench   

Fly tying tool stations vary in size and shape and even in style. While you choose one that suits your taste and preference, there are certain essential features that you must consider if you want a good functional fly tying bench:  

- Storage space  

The fly fishing bench must contain ample space that you can place all your frequently used materials without piling. These include materials such as spools, cement, hooks, etc.   

- Workspace   

Other than having adequate space to store your frequently used materials, a bench should have enough workspace for your current project. Space should be enough for the vice as well as for the free movement of the bobbin cradle. Space should also be available to clamp a small lamp if need be.  - Accessibility of materials  

Consider if the bench will keep your materials separately and organized. Each item should have its place without mixing with others. This way, they will be readily available without any hassle.  

Benefits of having a fly tying bench   

Fly tying benches come with quite a few benefits which you might not realize unless you take time to step back and look at them.  

 - Fly tying benches keeps your materials handy   

Quite often, you might go looking for a particular material only to dig piles of other materials just to find what you were looking for. A fly tying table has a place for each of your tools. It provides for proper organization of materials so that you can easily remember and see the location of every tool. 

 - Fly tying bench reduces the clutter  

You cannot deny that this happened to you or maybe happens regularly. At one point, you might see materials strung out across your desk, some hanging on the legs, and others lying on the floor. It's not even a wonder that you'll find some in the trash bin. A tying bench helps you reduce the clutter.  

-It helps you recycle your leftovers  

It's very easy for you to toss your scrap in the garbage. But if you have a high-quality tying desk, you can put your scrap back in the bench storage. When you'll need pieces of the leftovers, you can easily retrieve them. A tying desk would thus be of help in helping you save on the cost of regular purchase of materials.  

 - Fly tying benches keeps you happy  

When you have that quality bench, one that's made of high-end craftsmanship, you and more so your wife(if there is), will be very delighted. It might cost you to buy such a bench but it will keep you and your family happy.

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