Carp Fly Fishing Tips, Helpful Tricks in Carp Fish-hunt

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Carp Fly Fishing Tips, Helpful Tricks in Carp Fish-hunt

Carp fly fishing tips are the secret to the success of the adventure of fly fishing for carps. As a new trend getting increasingly popular among fishers, people are now more interested in carp fly fishing. However, it is still new to fishers comparing to trout or bass fishing. In the following parts, we can get to know more about fly fishing for carps. Besides, useful tricks, effective tips, and background information will also be provided.


1. The first step to carp fly fishing—get to know carp and the best season for its fly fishing


Carps, bottom feeder with thick soft lips and heavy 18 to 50 pounds weight, are always vigilant and canny, which makes carp fly fishing rather challenging than fly fishing for bass or trout. Carps are easily spooked. So it is necessary to make as little noise and actions as possible when approaching them.

During the year, long winter break will expand the energy in carps, they are getting more active to feed in the shallows during the springtime. As hot summer approaches, carps thrive in the warm shallow water. So here comes the best season for carp fly fishing—May to August. 


2. Useful carp fly fishing tips: 


Find the hungry carp: Carp in actively feeding mode are those we seek when going fly fishing. But how can we know if they are searching for food? If their tails up “standing” in the water with their heads worming into the mud underwater, these carps are feeding themselves actively, which means they are more possibly getting hooked and we can enjoy the fly fishing by offering them something to bait on. 


· Subtle and easily spooked

Carps are more sensitive towards sounds and motions underwater, which makes carp fly fishing more challenging. When getting on the boat, try to make less noise and stay in low voice. Carps are always very alert to changing of scent in the water. Chemical ingredients in the skincare product will spook them. So do rinse hands-off skincare products applied on the surface. 


· How to drag and drop 

Carps are heavier than trout or bass, but the hook can pierce through their lips easier as the lips are softer. Try not to drag against the hooked carp because it sometimes is strong enough to break the line and getaway. So just keep the rod tip in a lower position, raise the fly rod slowly and let the carp approach you.


· Place the fly

While trout feed on the surface of the water, carp feed at the bottom, which means you cannot place the fly on top but instead it should be underwater, still, or slightly moving. Very often, carp is unwilling to move or swim for distance just for a fly. 


· Flies and moves 

As carp feed in various water columns and depth, different weights of flies can help to get more carps to swallow the bait. Unweighted flies, medium-weighted flies, and depth charges are flies of different weights. Bring all of them, it will provide you with more chances. Don’t let the flies come up fast, it will get them frightened and flurry, which will ruin the chance for fly fishing. 


· Cast to the carp

It requires 40-60 feet when casting to carp, which is more precise and accurate compared to casting to bass. 60 feet is the most ideal range. One of the most important differences between carp fly fishing and bass is that you can see where the carp is, and you can see your cast reach them. It is more fun to enjoy the visible higher productivity.


Carp fly fishing tips are truly useful and can make fishing fun and adventurous, moreover, tips always bring more productivity in fish-hunt. To start an outing for such an activity might be challenging at the beginning, but practicing more can help you to get to know the tricks and also enrich your experience in dealing with carp. So just get on the boat, with the tips above, you can enjoy the excitement in carp fly fishing.

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