A Guide to Buying Discount fly fishing rods

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A Guide to Buying Discount fly fishing rods

Before you decide to buy yourself discount fly fishing rods, you need to know what they are what they do. Fly fishing rods serve three distinct purposes namely line control, casting, and striking fish. When you have determined what you need the fly rod for, you need to know the type of fish you intend to catch. For instance, you need a different type of rod for catching trout and panfish. Therefore you need to thoroughly think about the species of fish you want to catch. 

Buying discount fly fishing rods

Getting fly fishing rods can be a challenge for new anglers who are doing it for the first time. The innovations in technology across different sectors have also affected the fishing industry thus creating a wide assortment of choices. Knowing what to buy will save you from the regret that may come a few months after buying the rod. 

Go medium-action 

If you are a new angler, you should consider a medium-action fly rod as they are very versatile and easier to learn with. 

Length of rod

The ideal length of trout fishing should be about 9 feet. For beginners, it is ideal you do not go for anything longer and you may only go for something shorter when you are searching for a smaller fish.

The weight 

The fly rod weight is largely dependent on what you intend to use the fish for. In the case of tout fishes, a 4-weight to the 6-weight rod is ideal. Also, ensure that the fly rod weight conforms to the line weight.


If you are new to the system, it does not make sense of purchasing an expensive rod. But that does not mean you should go for cheap rods either as they will not serve you well. As a newbie, you should go for something mid-range price-wise 

How do you know the rod that is good for you? 

You need to begin by deciding on the size by ascertaining the species of fish you will be looking for. For instance, if you are aiming at trout mainly but you want a rod that can be used for small brook trout along with 20-inches, you may want to use a 5-weight for this. If you intend to purchase a rod to catch small trout, you should go for a 4-weight. In the case of saltwater fly fishing, you may want to use an 8-weight rod for catching bonefish or an a12-weight for catching a tarpon. 

The bigger the fish is, the more vital the question of how efficient the rod is. The most adaptable rod for this purpose is the 9-foot rod. Although there are other sizes of rods ranging from 10 feet to 7 feet, the majority of fly fishers often opt for the 9 feet.

The next thing you want to decide upon is whether you intend fishing using a fly rod that is made using carbon-graphite fiber or you want one that is made using traditional split bamboo. Fishers who love craftsmanship may prefer rods made of bamboo. Bamboo rods are however more expensive than most others. Their high cost is a function of the skill required to make them instead of the work they do.

Once you have chosen the length, size, number of pieces, and construction, you need to also think about the price. There are manufacturers out there that deal in affordable fly rods.  Also, there are those out there that deal in high-end rods.

Last line

If you are searching for discount fly fishing rods, ensure you are not just getting a good price but also a good rod. Getting a good rod depends largely on what you intend to do with the rod and the maker of the rod. Ensure you adhere to the instructions outlined in this piece to make the right choice.

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