A Fly Tying Bobbin You Must Need

August 21, 2019 Fishing Guides Views: 2840

Do you have one fly tying bobbin? Do you know a fly tying bobbin is integral when you tie flies? Don’t have one yet? Don’t worry, you can have it now. I got some information about bobbins for you, you can know about it and choose your one.

The fly tying bobbin is an essential tool when you tying flies, it can help you do the boring winging work quickly. And it`s easy to use, fasten the reel of thread with the bobbin, passing one end of the line through the tube, then you can tie the flies easily.

Here’s the picture of our bobbin.

The tube of our bobbin is made of high-quality stainless steel, and it is flared at both ends with pink ceramic to decrease the wear and tear. It`s slightly curved shape makes it comfortable for you. It’s suitable for spinning deer hair or other big flies.

The reviews of our fly tying bobbin are very good. Almost all the customers are satisfied with it. Many people said it’s comfortable and durable and easy to use, it did help when tying flies. And a cute boy said one is not enough, he wants all kinds of our bobbin.

Other bobbins in the industry have some more features. Such as a small slit near the top of the tube makes passing through the line easier without other tools; the automatic retraction feature makes the working no more troubling and so on. We are working for this now, don’t worry.

The choice of the fly tying bobbin is up to your preference, you can choose the one you like. Having one can make your fishing time more valuable. Our bobbin is $3.99 now, you can buy it at present.

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