A great stick for added stability when wading in swift water, climbing river banks or walking on land.

Made of lightweight, yet strong aluminum alloy tubing of 3/4inch in anodized matte black finish,

it folds easily to 12" and fits into the included nylon belt pouch. Its double shock corded spring action design allows one-hand

operation to have the staff instantly ready for use. Nylon lanyard with easy carabineer link keeps the staff close to you when not needed.

Long EVA handle has nylon band strap. Durable ide steel end tip gives sure grip on slippery ks.

Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Wading Staff Collapsible Fishing Stick Hiking Fishing Accessory
your best friend on mountain / in stream/riverA great stick for added stabil..
$33.99 $38.99
Carbon Wading Staff with Neoprene Pouch
Specifications: 55" wading staff that folds down to 13.6" to be easily placed in your..
$40.00 $79.00
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