Tenkara Carbon Fly Fishing Rod

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    PERFECT for STREAMS and RIVERS - Designed for smooth casting and good backbone.  Great fun for catching small wild trout and also doable for larger fish. Both level line and tapered line is workable for casting. Great choice for hiker and backpacker

    SIX Models Tenkara Rod – 4 length of rods from 10ft to 13ft. and 2 Triple zoom rods to meet the need of all kind of fishing environment

    High grade IM8+10 carbon fiber material allows rod to be extremely light while staying strong enough to put up a fight -- even with larger fish like some decent lake trout!

    Casting is very smooth, just move the rod back and forth to throw the line forward and cast your fly to where the fish is. The rod will flex deep when fighting with a fish to distribute the pressure through the whole rod to the palm of your hand

    ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY and LifeTime Repairing Warranty - MAXCATCH as a 15 years fly rod factory,offer “No Hassle” warranty for all our rods for one year. If you are not 100% satisfied with our rod, you can return it in any time. And we also offer lifetime repairing for All Maxcatch rods.

    This rod comes in five models; simply pick which you'd prefer and you'll be fishing in no time!

    10ft model: target for 10 inch to 16 inch fish

    11ft model: target for less than 17 inch fish

    12ft model: target for 17 inch and 17+inch fish

    13ft model: target for 17 inch to 22 inch fish

    Triple Zoom 330 360 390cm model: target for fish from 10inch to 20inch

    Triple Zoom 252 290 320cmmodel: target for fish from 10inch to 17+inch  

    This Zoom rod fishes at 10inch8, 11inch10 and 12inch9. So both smaller streams and bigger water areas are all covered


    Color is random
    55Yard 5X Fluorocarbon carbon tippet
    1 Nipper AE-021 Brooktrout


           IM 10 graphite is strong yet lightweight and can handle medium sized fish.


         Tenkara fly fishing is all about simplicity. With no reel, you can rig up quickly and hit the water. 


         This “テンカラ”tenkara rod with a 7:3 action and 7 segments, this tenkara fly fishing rod gives lots of play,

          but is stronger enough to give an experienced angler a fighting chance against larger trout.


         The Tenkara Rod collapses to 21.7”, which makes it easy to simple to fit into your backpack for fishing the backcountry,

         or as a general purpose travel tenkara fly fishing rod.

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