There are essentially two kinds of Tenkara lines that are accessible in the U.S.: rolled and level. Some lean toward rolled, some favor level, and some switch to and fro between the two relying upon conditions.

There are different sorts of Tenkara lines utilized in Japan, (for example, titanium wire); be that as it may, since these are difficult to find in the U.S. I'll adhere to rolled and level lines since those are what the majority of us approach.

The delicacy and simplicity of the furled Tenkara line as it propels a weightless fly forward into the shimmering waters is but one of the many reasons that epitomize the Tenkara form as one of the most popular fly fishing forms.

If you desire to immerse yourself within the beautiful simplicity of Tenkara fly fishing, we Maxcatch have the Tenkara lines to fulfil your burgeoning Tenkara desires.

Tenkara Pink Fluorocarbon Level Line
100 % fluorocarbon from Japan#3 Diameter: 0.285mm Length: 30mTenkara level line is the lig..
$9.99 $15.99
Tenkara Braided Nylon Fly Fishing Line & Furled Leader
New Tenkara Fly Line Braided Fly Line 11/12/13FT 17LB Tenkara Line Fly Fishing Line Furld ..
$7.99 $12.99
Tenkara Line & Hook Keeper - 100% Natural Wood (2 pcs)
$6.99 $12.99
Tenkara Tapered Fly Fishing Line (Orange & Black)
Maxcatch tenkara tapered lineHand-made, made of nylon materialOffer a perfect casting expe..
$11.99 $12.99
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