Tail Teflon Disc 3/4 5/6 7/8wt Light Weight Fly Reel

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    • A Performance Freshwater Reel with Budget – A super light reel with smooth drag system strong enough power for stopping any freshwater fish even some big trout.
    • ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY – we as a 15 years fly reel factory, offer “No Hassle” warranty for all our reels. If you are not 100% satisfied with our reel, you can return it in any time.
    • Die-casting and CNC Machined combined technology for high-impact durability body
    • Stacked Teflon and Stainless Steel Disc Drag Systerm with one-way bearing provides smooth,immediately drag engagement.
    • One-way bearing to quickly and easily switch from left to right hand retrieval


    Tail fly reel is the new Maxcatch fly reel model I've recently recieved and I'm still trying to figure out who put price on this reel that
    has nothing to do with it. really. Let me explain. Reel comes in two sizes: 5/6 and 7/8. It's made and cut from aluminum by CNC
    machine. With other or other defects. It comes in neat black/metallic orange color in combination with lightweight design that
    makes it even more desired. But the beauty won't really help much if anything else doesn't work and here is the reason why I
    think this is the best reel for it's price if not even better. The drag system works like a song and it can be micro adjustable so l
    can recommend it for big monster without any doubt. Even the button to adjust drag is big enough and easy to make fast
    adjustment. On the other hand this reel has some new patent to take off spool that works nice as well and holds spool in place.
    I don't think the reel has waterproof drag system but having it in water few times myself, it didn't seem like there should be any
    problem, but hey, this reel costs 35$ and i don't see a reason not to give it a chance. This is by far the best value for the price.


    The reel is splendid, also processing, weight, size, appearance, sensitive brake. Absolutely usable in Europe. Don’t choose, BUY! Again
    after 30th order i recomended MaxCatch Website! Thanks


    Tail reel is just fantastic.


    Great little reel for beginning fly fishers. Very reasonable price, nice drag system


    looks a great real cant wait to use it and it comes with a one year guarantee they will replace or repair
    mo other reals offer this guarantee


    Haven't used the reel yet but it is of good quality and fits my needs. Came in on time and great condition.


    Really didn’t expect much. 36 buck fly reel? CNC CUT? well got it today to put on an 30 year old fly rod and wow is this reel amazing. Feels amazing, looks amazing. Drag seams silky smooth. I don’t understand blowing 300+ on a fly reel unless your battling giant steelhead and salmon. This does the job for any trout fishing your doing.
    Trust me


    nice reel!


    Outstanding reel for a small amount of money. I was a little cautious at first but wow this reel is smooth. Have landed several fish with it already.






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    CNC Machined T6061 Aluminum

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